3 Best PPC Automation Tools For Increasing The ROI Of Ad Campaigns

Marketers are increasingly banking on PPC automation tools for adding to the efficiency of their ad campaigns. The smartphone phenomenon has added more inertia to PPC Growth which is being sufficed by the creation of mobile ads. Today we are going to take a look at 3 best PPC automation tools which can streamline the process and help you take a break from constant monitoring of campaigns.


Businesses often struggle with the creation and management of advertisements and AdEspresso can come in to fill such loopholes by the creation of more lucrative Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Different variations of ads can be created for appealing to a variety of demographics. An automatic optimization feature allows setting of parameters so that your ads get optimized automatically by the system.

Various challenges such as setting up multiple campaigns, ad optimization, budgeting and keeping track of the ad performance finds an efficient solution in AdEspresoo. It can pinpoint the right set of audience while offering help in creating campaigns across multiple channels within minutes. AdEspresso offers specific suggestions on performance improvement such as altering images or words.

The Daily Actionable Tips is meant for users who are trying to improve ad performance on a basic level while Advanced Analytics can suffice users working on more comprehensive data. Marketers can even collaborate with their clients and teams while analyzing the campaign performance under one roof. Marketers can compare and tag campaigns for keeping track over multiple projects easily.


Making smarter business decisions becomes easy with Google’s Data Studio which can turn visualized data into informative and fully customizable reports. Users can connect the data to foster its flow into various reports. The insights can even be shared for collaborating with your team. Growth hackers can gain adequate insights on adjustments required in an ad when this free tool is used for PPC advertisements.


Video advertising never fails to grab eyeballs with its attractive content. Treepodia can serve as your one stop shop for creating customizable video ads which can deliver unparalleled experience to the customers whether they wish to advertise via Facebook or Google. Its Advertising feature can assist with the creation of numerous targeted video ads for addressing users on a personal ground and delivering greater brand value.

Marketers can increase both engagement and conversion with the Showcasing feature. It can impart a complete makeover to your site as every item of your catalogue comes accompanied with unique videos which boosts up search engine indexing.  Your conversions can increase by an average of 15% with the attractive product videos which can help you reach out to newer clients across YouTube, Pinterest, mobile etc.

Treepodia leverages on big data for A/B testing and promoting video versions which can bring about the highest conversion rates. Integration with Google Analytics data help in measuring performance and creating detailed reports for in-depth review. The USP of Treepodia lies in its clickable videos allowing shoppers to buy the product and browse through similar ones.


PPC growth is all about working smarter rather than harder and you can expect to do the same with the above-mentioned tools.

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