5 Technologies Transforming Modern Warehouses & Commerce

Technologies are improving all industries including warehouses and commerce. The run of technologies in your warehouse can improve its efficiency, reduce errors and delivery lead times.

It will make your customers feel more satisfied and increase the your business’s revenue. Here are the top technologies that you should use to transform warehouses.

RFDI Tracking System

Colleting data and determining what is in stock and what isn’t is one of the most time-consuming tasks in a warehouse but the RFDI tracking system makes the process more efficient. RFDI systems offer a great way to control the manufacturing process and keep track of the assets without having to count each item manually.

Each asset is properly identified and matched with its right information in your data which avoids common human errors such as transcriptions mistakes, missed assets, and duplication of products.

The data is uploaded electronically to a cloud-based system and a management software such as JD Edwards that allows employees of the warehouse to check the status and location of the items.

You can also use the system to check that every asset has passed all the quality checks, that will increase customer satisfaction and prevent the return of assets. You can integrate it with other supply chain technologies to make the process faster and reduce the time from order to delivery.

You can track items and then upload the information to a management system and read multiple tags at the same time.


Warehouses are starting to use drones as a fast a reliable way to manage assets and automate the inventory process. A warehouse is a perfect environment to have drones because they are fully roofed and there are no weather conditions, you can also control them easily in that space.

The use of drones reduces the need of human resources to count each item of the stock manually, thus saving time and reduce the appearance of human errors. They can handle repetitive tasks so your human staff handles more valuable work.

Sometimes the assets are locating in hard to reach places and require the use of ladders or other tools to access and count them.

With the use of drone you can read RFDI tags located in the stock that is a high as 12 meters without repressing any risk for your employees.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Application of cloud data technology to your warehouse has the benefit of creating a fast and efficient management solution. Instead of having your team collect, extract, and transcribe all the data which is a time-consuming and overwhelming task, this system integrates different type of data from various sources making it easier to analyze.

Cloud data warehouses systems are also more affordable than traditional data warehouses because you avoid paying unnecessary features and just have to pay the subscription fee. The data can be access by all employees from virtually anywhere but it is secure so an unauthorized person can’t never access it and modify or corrupt the data.

Wearable Technology

Your employees can use wearable technology to improve their productivity. The wearables help them identify goods properly and finish the tasks faster and with less efforts. You can also use them to evaluate the individual performance of your employees such as the accuracy regarding product picking, you can analyze that information to create improvements in your corporate training.

The devices also work to track the health of your workers with heartbeats and vital monitors so you can find out if your employees are stressed or exhausted during work.


More warehouses are currently using robots because they are able to work faster and more efficiently.

Those robots are automated systems that help to transport goods, automate the warehouse process, and perform tasks that will contribute to make the process faster and more efficiently. The most common jobs that they perform including inventory data, floor cleaners, barcode scanners, pickers, and pallet builders.

The use of robots prevents injuries in the workplace because it prevents human workers from performing strenous tasks so they can focus in more valuable tasks. You will also notice an overall gain in productivity.

Start to implement warehouse technologies and gain more revenue on your business, automate the inventory process, and use the resources more efficiently.

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