5 Tips To Create Super Videos For Business Growth

Well! If you are in this article, you might be familiar with the benefits of adding videos to your marketing strategy. But still, if you have any second thought, then the below added statistics would definitely convince you to invest in videos.

  • 87% of marketers are using videos to grab the visitor’s attention. 
  • People spend one-third of online activity on videos.
  • Social videos get 12 times more shares as compared to videos.
  • Organizations adding videos see 157% enhancement in their organic traffic.
  • Increase conversions by 80%by adding video on landing pages.
  • Increase engagement rate by 22% by combining videos with full-page ads. 

Are you excited to create one? Why not….

Well, creating a video is not a big challenge, but yes, crafting a super-effective video is something that needs a learning curve.

But need not worry! Below are some tips that will inspire you to create effective videos without putting much effort and time.

Tips for creating appealing videos 

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump in!

Keep your video exciting and short

Did you know that videos are 83% more effective in making people remember the information better? But why are some marketers still struggling to meet their goals? Appropriate length and the exciting script are two most common reasons that will help you make their video out of the box.

In this competitive world, no one has enough time to spend on one content especially if they don’t find it interesting and informative. So, if you want people to stay on your website till the end, try to keep your video short and attractive. I believe that 1-2 minute video is enough to capture the visitor’s attention and inspire them to make a purchase.

Focus on stories, not sales

The script is the base of every video. If your script is emotional and entertaining, then you can easily drive sales. Thus, it is important that you focus more on the script.

Whenever you create your video script, try to represent it in the form of a story. By watching a story-based video, viewers can easily relate to it and can understand how the services or products can help them hit their business goals.

So, try adding value to your video content by telling a story. This tip will surely make your video a success.

Upload attractive thumbnail

Using attractive thumbnails is another great way to grab the visitor’s attention and get them more excited to open the videos and stay till its end. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider the thumbnail as an element to build a strong first impression.

If you successfully build your first impression, you can easily improve your play rate. Just by watching a thumbnail, the viewer can imagine what exactly they will see in the video. So, whenever you create a thumbnail, make sure it is a clear, attractive, crisp, and motion-filled shot.

Choose the right background

The effective background will also help you give an enticing look to your video. Choosing the right background for your video will help you express your ideas, share messages, and contribute a lot to your brand.

As there are different types of videos like explainer videos, educational videos, testimonial videos, etc., so always choose the background accordingly. Say if you are creating a testimonial video, it is always recommended to use a real background. So, make sure the colors you select for your background are not so monotonous, not so clashing into the viewer’s eye.

Use the first few seconds wisely 

If we talk about the average attention span, then it is just 8.5 seconds. Due to the short attention span, it is becoming challenging to retain visitors. So, to make the video highly productive, concentrate more on the first few seconds.

If you give a clear idea about the conception, then viewers will get more confidence to watch the video till the end. By giving a quick preview in the starting, you can grab attention and create a super exciting video.

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In a Nutshell 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you create a highly appealing video that not only captures the visitor’s eye but also converts them into the lead. Still, if you are not confident in creating one, then you can always hire a video editing company to create excellent video unless cost.

Now, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks, create interesting videos, and add them to your marketing strategy to get excellent results. Also, if you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with others. 


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