6 Key Considerations for Picking SMSF Administration Services

Do you want to administer your Self-managed super fund (SMSF) accounts better? SMSFs are superannuation funds created to provide financial support for senior citizens and their beneficiaries. Today there are about 600 SMSFs that include over 1 million Australian investors. It’s important to pick the best providers of smsf administration services. When managing books of SMSFs, here are some of the most important features to weigh:


SMSF management companies offer various service packages. Some of the main examples include full-service and back-office. While full-service include client-facing services, they’re excluded from back-office services. These services typically include ones like:

  • Financials
  • Audits
  • Taxes

These are “behind the scenes” services that are critical for SMSFs even though they don’t involve direct interaction with super fund investors.


When picking a company offering SMSF management services, you should certainly consider the amount of experience it offers. For example, some companies have decades of experience providing superannuation services like SMSFs and other super funds.

As always, it helps to ensure that you receive the best services possible when managing SMSF accounts.  Consider this: SMSFs were created about two decades ago in 1999, but some companies offering SMSF services have actually existed for a decade or longer than SMSFs.

A related issue is any industry award an SMSF administrative company has received. This is another way  for a company to earn credentials. It shows it has received high marks from industry experts who objectively weigh a company’s SMSF services.


The most common types are monthly and yearly. Besides selecting one or the other, you should also determine whether or not they’re all-inclusive. For example, an under-AUD100 monthly fee per SMSF might be a good deal if the service provider doesn’t add extra fees and charges.

Another issue to consider is the administration of SMSF accounts can include a wide range of functionalities, including client-facing and administrative services.

When all these services are bundled in your monthly fee, it might offer better value than paying for individual administrative services.   


Ones like online dashboards  provide SMSF clients with up-to-date information of SMSF clients. Such tools can provide you with many benefits, including being:

  • Customisable
  • Intuitive  
  • Mobile-friendly

These powerful tools can help your company provide improved customer service to your company. This is critical since studies show about four-fifths of Australians consider this factor when making purchase decisions.


This is another key feature to look for when picking SMSF services companies. It includes different forms, like text, video, and blogs.

This feature provides you with different methods for support. For example, nearly 80% of Australians in their 30s read blogs in 2018, according to Statista. Other age groups might prefer more traditional options like text documents.

Other Services

These services, like SMSF software, are closely related to SMSF management services. For example, cloud-based software can provide various benefits in managing SMSF accounts related to factors like efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

If your company chooses to manage SMSF accounts in-house, then SMSF software is a valuable tool. In particular, it offers more flexibility than traditional software. You can also receive benefits like automated data loads, which help to eliminate operating costs and errors from manual input.    

When managing SMSFs, an smsf administration company can provide full and back-office services. This includes ones like fees, support, and experience that might help make Super Funds super-profitable.      


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