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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success

Affiliate marketing is a very rewarding path to generating good money online. There are hundreds of thousands of people using affiliate marketing platforms and earning decent pay by working on their own terms. In this definitive guide, we will explore the top seven steps that you must take as a beginner to make it big in the affiliate marketing domain.

If you have started an affiliate or going to jump in, this post will help you a lot in your journey. And even if you are providing digital marketing services to your client, once you hone this skill, you can generate more income.

First, a quick brief about affiliate marketing?

When you promote someone else’s products and make a sale, you get a commission on that sale. The more you sell, the more you will earn through this medium. When a person purchases with your affiliate link, you get a cut.

The best part about the affiliate domain is that you can scale it very quickly, unlike many other online services. A typical seller only sells services or products from one company. As an affiliated person, you can sell products from many distinctive companies and earn cuts from all of them altogether.

1. Decide on a platform

Don’t confuse yourself or get overwhelmed by the options available for promoting the products. You can even do affiliate marketing on any social media platform including Instagram if that works for you well.

But to kickstart your affiliate sales, you can get started with blogs or a YouTube channel. Starting a blog today is comparatively easy and affordable. There are lots of guides online available that will show you how to get started with blogs and the best part is that you can even start a blog for only a few dollars a month.

Once your affiliate blog is read, you need to optimize it for the search crawlers so that you have a good chance of ranking. And, one thing you need to keep in mind is that consistency is quite important when you are writing blogs.

The other platform is YouTube and it’s the best platform for creating and sharing videos and many people are using the platform. You need to optimize your videos for SEO and insert the affiliate links in your description.

2. Picking a niche

This is a crucial thing to work on and you should do it carefully and with all the research. You should always pick a topic as per your interest and not by looking at what others are doing on their affiliate profile. If you are into cooking, go and promote cooking products.

If you are in the gym and fitness, you will find a lot of products that are ready to promote. The reason behind picking your interest niche is that you will never feel a burden while creating content around that.

3. Get a good affiliate program

There are a ton of good affiliate programs to join and start earning money from the very first day. As per your niche, search for products and affiliate programs that you can pick and enjoy promoting them. For example, ConvertKit’s affiliate plan pays more than $650 per month if you give just 80 clients their way. However, as the company sells CRM tools for small business partners, there’s a short group of buyers.

4. Low-paying and high-volume

For those, who want to play in volumes and not by the ticket size, there is no shortage of such programs also. Just, for example, is the largest e-commerce seller in the world and you can join their affiliate program to sell their products at a flat commission. Even if you are into providing digital marketing services, you can start with Amazon as it’s very easy to use and earn money.

5. Creating content

Here comes the key ingredient for winning the game of affiliate at any niche. You ought to create good and genuinely helpful content for your products or services you are promoting. This is the key to get a better ranking, attracting more customers, and ultimately making more sales.

If you are not that great at writing content, you can hire writers who will generate quality content for you. All you need to make sure the articles and blogs you are posting are of high quality and helpful to the users.

6. Getting traffic for your site

When it comes to driving traffic to your site, there are two ways— organic traffic and paid traffic through Ads. You can drive paid traffic with Facebook ads, Youtube Ads, or even Google ads. But as a beginner, it might be expensive for you. On the other hand for generating organic traffic, you need to focus on good SEO, backlinks, and yes, good content. Additionally, you can hire an SEO Company in India for help!

7. Building an email list

An email list is not less than a goldmine for your affiliate business and should start building your list from the very first day. Once you build a good email list, you can send them promotional offers that can also be helpful for them.

These were some of the best and easy to start with tips for affiliate marketing for beginners. As more people are getting online, this is the right time to start now and earn more. And if you want to jumpstart your journey, you can hire a digital marketing company that will help you in building the complete setup for you.

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