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All You Need to Know About Video in Digital Marketing

In the life of an average individual, rarely will you have a day when they did not watch a video on their mobile phone. Be it a casual video that pops up in your Facebook or Instagram feed or a DIY tutorial video that you watch on YouTube, you just cannot pass a day without videos. Understand that your consumers are no different and easy access to smartphones and the internet has led them to prefer this over other types of content. If you want to learn more about how to make conclusion videos, then you can check it out on InVideo.

As a result, the digital marketing strategies of most brands involve some form of video content. With the hype around video marketing, it is understandable that people are curious about its role in digital marketing. Here’s why video is a boon in the world of video marketing. If you want 

Increased Conversions

With the internet making the world into a global village, there is easy access to products and services. Better transport and communication facilities have ensured that one can easily procure things from other parts of the world. This gives the consumer more options for making a purchase. To get the best value for one’s money, an average consumer looks up a product online before making a purchase.

This has made it important for brands to reach out and communicate the effectiveness of the product or service that they offer. In a fast-paced world, a person can watch a video while engaged in other activities such as cleaning the house, traveling on a bus, etc. This would not be possible while reading textual promotional content. Considering that video gives a more holistic picture of an item, it helps the viewer gauge whether the product is good enough for their needs.

The above factors are the reasons why 64 to 85% of average consumers are more likely to purchase after watching the video of a product. Investing in incorporating video as a part of your marketing strategies will help to convert leads to customers.

Establish an Online Presence

As there is a change in browsing patterns and people started preferring videos over text, search engines have adapted themselves accordingly. Today, it is no secret that Google, Bing, and other search engines tend to favor websites that have videos. For a brand, having a video on its website as a part of a different seasonal or permanent marketing campaign makes the website list higher in search results even when it is not keyword optimized.

Moreover, with an increasing fraction of internet users resorting to their mobile devices to connect to the internet, the videos need to be filmed in portrait mode and edited in a manner that is compatible with mobile viewing. This makes it easy for people to share the video with their peers, thereby increasing its reach. Click here to read more

Another important thing is the fact that today the world is a global village and to ensure maximum reach of your videos, having subtitles or closed captioning is an absolute must. This helps foster a spirit of inclusiveness and caters to the interests of your potential hearing-impaired customers while also attracting people who may be interested in your product (or service) but do not understand the language of your video.

Better Return on Investment

At first sight, it may seem that producing a video is a cumbersome experience that demands investment. However, a closer look would reveal that videos offer some of the best returns. In a video, you can get the message across in a shorter time. Considering the dwindling attention span of the average user, it proves to be an effective tool for getting your message across.

As a brand looking to bring in video marketing, you need to realize that it is the content of the video that matters and you do not have to be perfect in every aspect of the video. While aesthetic appeal, design, and picture quality does affect the overall look of the video, your idea is what matters.

Even a poorly produced video DIY tutorial will have better reach than a well-written manual explaining the process. This is because while watching a video, man’s visual and audio receptors both spring to action resulting in better comprehension and retention. That way, a potential customer is more likely to remember the features of the product or service being spoken about, resulting in better ROI for the brand.

Earn the Confidence of Consumers

As a brand, you need to realize that even in today’s digital world, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of online shopping. You need to walk the extra mile to win the confidence of first-time online shoppers and assure them that they will get the exact product that they are looking at. In this context, the video will be of help to you.

With video, you cannot just demonstrate the product but can also come up with explainer videos on its usage, maintenance, and hacks. These will help you establish a personal connection with the audience. You can take things a step further and come up with a welcome video that introduces a first-time visitor to the navigation of your website, the various products, and services that you offer.

If you have customers giving you good feedback, reach out to them and see if they can record a short video talking of their experience of working with you. Video testimonials have a personal touch, and such videos will appeal better to potential customers than written positive reviews. For a brand, it is advantageous to use video to attract new customers as such people are more likely to stay loyal to the brand.

The role of video in marketing has seen an exponential increase in recent years and the trend is expected to continue in the days to come. In such a situation, having the video be a part of one’s marketing strategies opens the doors to a sea of opportunities. From retaining existing customers to attracting newer ones, the video takes up diverse roles to give your business the push it needs in its path of business growth.


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