Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier of Construction Technology

There is no denying the fact that when we talk about artificial intelligence in the construction industry, it encompasses many things.

Whether it is about simple manufacturing technologies like orange cones or something that is quite complicated, we are seeing increased use of AI or artificial intelligence. We need to bear in mind that the construction industry is a big employer and it employs almost 7 percent of the labor force across the world.

Hence, it plays a big role in defining and shaping the economy of almost all big, medium and small countries. Businesses and others who are attached to the construction industry may be spending around $10 trillion in this industry and the numbers keep increasing quite a bit.

This could be to make construction projects more efficient, time bound, and also could make the construction industry a safer place with reduced numbers of accidents and mishaps.

In this article, we are happy to list down a few obvious reasons as to why the construction industry could embrace artificial intelligence in a much bigger and wider way.

It could prevent cost overruns

Cost overruns is a major problem for most construction activities across the country and across the world. There could be many reasons for this including the quality and competence levels of people who are working on the ground.

Further, there could be some problems in accessing certain areas in the construction project because of various factors. In such a situation the use of AI could help in identifying the reason for such delays and work out ways and means by which the problem can be avoided and timelines could be adhered as best as possible.

Better Designing of Buildings

There is something known as BIM or Building Information modeling that is entirely based on artificial intelligence. It offers new and exciting insights into efficient planning, construction, design and management of buildings and various other infrastructure.

This technology with the use of AI is capable of taking into account various engineering, architectural, electrical and mechanical plans and integrating them perfectly and properly.

The use of machine learning programs driven by AI could make perfect integration of the above activities possible seamlessly.

Risk Mitigation and Safety

There is no denying the fact that the construction industry is prone to accidents and mishaps in spite of the best efforts and best safety measures. This is because of the many hidden risks that are not visible to the naked human eye.

However, if you are able to use AI properly it could bring the risk levels at the construction sites quite significantly. It could help save many lives of workers and the best thing is that AI allows the stakeholders to evaluate the possible risk areas and take steps to mitigate them quite effectively.

It also is possible to rate the contractors, sub-contractors and others based on their effectiveness in handling and mitigating risks with the help of AI related technologies and methods.

Better Planning of Projects

Many project overruns happen because of some flaws in the overall planning. In spite of the best efforts using the best of technicians and experts, some slippages become inevitable. However, this may get reduced quite significantly and may also be avoided completely with the help of artificial intelligence.

Robots and other such devices that form part of any AI project in the construction industry are capable of scanning the entire construction site and the inputs received can be compared with the planning blueprint that was drawn up before the state of the project.

The obvious areas of problems can easily be identified and when this happens, it benefits many people in more ways than one.

Improved Productivity

Whether it is giving a push to repetitive tasks and making them more effective or other such things, there are enough reasons to believe that going in for artificial intelligence could be a good choice.

The workforce that has been relieved from such repetitive and mundane tasks can be used better for performing other areas that could lead to improved productivity. It also could be useful for monitoring the working of the employees and avoid wastage of time and this also could increase productivity in a few cases.

The Final Word

It is clear from the above that there are obviously a number of advantages and benefits in using AI in the construction industry. A beginning has been made and the use of AI will obviously keep increasing in the months, years and decades to come.

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