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Creative Ideas And Tools To Boost Your Digital Marketing In 2021

The current year has been too dramatic and unpredictable for the human species. Humanity witnessed cases of political clashes, mass protests, environmental changes, and the arrival of coronavirus. These turmoils brought a series of unprecedented occurrences in the international market. Nobody thought telehealth and distance learning would become the norm in 2020. Office workers didn’t realize they could telecommute so freely due to healthcare restrictions. These changes have affected digital marketing and are likely to alter certain aspects of human aspects for good. That’s why marketers must reshape their business strategies for 2021 by applying the latest ideas and trends.

Some old-fashioned marketing tools, such as SMS marketing still useful but simultaneously undermined. Some 40% of American consumers report excessive phone usage. As a marketer, you’re fond of advertisements that promote your business. But it’s a bitter fact that most of your consumers dislike these ads. From a consumer’s perspective, ads are distracting, annoying, and make one’s smartphone slower. That’s why a quarter of all internet users used some ad blocker last year. This figure will rise in 2021 as, overall, 27% of internet users will block advertisements. Among teenagers, this figure will increase from 34% to 35%. If you’re running a PPC campaign, these ad blockers will keep disrupting your marketing in 2021.

That’s why marketers must reshape their business strategies for 2021 by applying the latest ideas and trends.

1. SEO in 2021

There’s no need to explain why more than 60% of marketers invest in SEO strategies. It drives a lot of organic traffic to your website. In 2021, you’ll face more competition and require extra effort to put your website on the top of Google’s SERP. What you need here is a tool to assess your website’s overall traffic. You can use traffic analytics to investigate your competitor’s progress too. This tool also allows you to compare many website’s traffic data. In addition to this:

I. Discover the progress of a site’s email strategy.

II. Gain an understanding of a website’s popular products.

III. Find out the geographic distribution of a domain’s traffic.

IV. Determine stuff like page visits, bounce rate, and page rank.

V. Gain insight into your rival’s SEO strategies and replicate them.


Marketers used to create content bots in the past. Now, bots have become smarter, and algorithms have gained intelligence. Content-meant-for-computers doesn’t work anymore. You need to produce better and more sophisticated content for humans your audience can find engaging and interesting. As the name suggests, this engaging content engages your customers in different activities such as polls, contests, and quizzes. Expiring content – such as Whatsapp stories – is available for a temporary period. We have various tools available to enhance the performance of your CTAs and maximize your content marketing success.


Social media marketing will still be important in 2021. People haven’t stopped being social on digital platforms yet. Facebook has more daily active users than there are people in China. Instagram has also surpassed the mark of 1 billion. You can retain your existing followers and access more potential customers with an effective social media strategy. By engaging your digital consumers, you can drive more traffic to your website. So, start focusing more on social media ad campaigns.


Smart devices will rely solely on voice search in the future. Do you think that’s far-fetched? It would be best if you started optimizing for vocal queries. And they yield different results than text-based queries on Google. How to optimize for voice search? Well, such queries are more direct, casual, and conversational. Marketers must start preparing in advance to sync their brand’s SERPs with voice search.


Automation is influencing many sectors in marketing. More companies will begin incorporating A.I. into their business strategies. You can already see many websites bringing chatbots for the sake of consumer ease. These bots offer 24/7 service and answer your consumers’ search queries with accuracy; marketing automation is essential to provide consumers with a personalized experience. Automation is the key to success in digital marketing right now.


Text-based content doesn’t appeal to people that much anymore. Videos are easy ways to target more people in a smaller period. You can see how 30-second long videos are popular right now on YouTube. People’s attention span is getting thinner, so longer or text-based content often fails to grab it. In 2021, video ad spending will grow to a massive $14.89 billion. Surveys show that some 75% of adults in the U.K, USA, and Australia bought something after watching a video about it. We have tools such as Beatleak to create engaging visual content for your brand. So, it would be best if you were quick as, by 2021, videos will drive more than 80% of consumer internet traffic.


Backlinks are hyperlinks in a website linking back to your website. They are an integral portion of a brand’s SEO and content marketing strategies. Search engines discover and rank your domain based on the quality and quantity of these inbound links. Long articles receive more traffic and more backlinks than shorter articles. You can use tools to purge the internet from toxic backlinks to your website.


We began our list with an old-fashioned marketing strategy (SMS), and we’d like to finish the link on another traditional method. The email has worked in the past, and it’ll keep working in the future. By 2024, there’ll be around 4.48 billion email users in the world. So, it’s time for you to start optimizing your email marketing campaign strategy. Don’t forget that small businesses get their highest ROI through email marketing. Of course, emails in 2021 must be concise, to-the-point, and engaging.


The field of digital marketing is continuously evolving, and marketers can’t survive without adopting the ever-changing business trends. They have to always lookout for new tools and the latest ideas in the market. If you don’t provide neatly-designed mobile-friendly interphase, 50% of consumers will leave your website. You need to optimize your page for voice search and create interactive content for your customers. It’s nearly impossible to beat your digital rivals without incorporating automation in your marketing strategy. It would be best if you had these ideas to survive in 2021.


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