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Healthy Social Media Habits That Work

The universal nature of social media has created a discrepancy in our lifestyles. Many people are so locked to social media such that they no longer care about the content they consume, how they consume it, and the time they waste doing it. While social media can direct clients to your business or traffic to your site, if used wrongly, it can deteriorate your health and well being. According to this website, below are the best ways to use social media productively.

  • Have Usage Limits

Not creating a social media usage routine is disastrous. You’ll end up wanting to check for updates every often, which consumes lots of your time. Decide when you want to use social media and for what reasons you should do so.

Don’t just wake up every day to log in to your Facebook to check for news updates without any purpose. You can use applications such as BreakFree, Moment, and RescueTime to set social media usage limits.

  • Have a Purpose

Use social media with purpose. Don’t just be swayed away from your goals by some fun videos that popup while you’re browsing through an important business page or content. Stick to what benefits you and your business.

Lazing around and spending 40% of your time checking social media updates is a catastrophe for failing. You’re simply a failure in making and chances are high you’ll end up having to deal with depression, addiction, anxiety, and insomnia.

  • Don’t Act Selfishly Stupid

Avoid checking your phone or computer every often. If the urge to log in to different social media accounts become so forceful for you to resist, use apps to lock such accounts so you can only access the accounts only when necessary.

Don’t be so rude and inconsiderate such that you spend most of your time checking social media updates. Allow yourself enough time to reason and spend with those around you.

  • Don’t Post Anything, Anyhow

Avoid posting everything that comes to your mind. If everyone were to post everything they had in mind, we likely wouldn’t have kid millionaires today. It’s naturally immature to post every other minute. People will get bored and annoyed by your aggressiveness to post content that doesn’t add meaning to their life.

Verify every content you want to post and ensure it will attract positive discussions. Don’t post content that will attract toxic conversations and shameful engagements.

  • Look for Inspirations in Every Post

You’re not in social media to wreak havoc in everything you come across. You don’t have to be toxic to enjoy your social media moments. Always see value in every post shared by friends, organizations, and business partners. Don’t just see the negative part of the posts since that will leave you unhappy and toxic.

In every post shared online, endeavor to get inspirations instead of being jealous. If a friend shares a nice photo enjoying together with their friends on a beach you’ve always wanted to tour, don’t just see the pride and show off in the photos. Rather the inspiration for you to work hard until you tour the same place.

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