How Essay Writing Skills Give Students A Leg-Up In Life

From secondary school to college, students are required to churn out tons of writing assignments for different purposes and on a variety of topics. Professors and teachers bombard them with essay writing tasks, which often make up to half of the annual grade.

Unable to handle the pressure, no wonder that students’ first urge is to order a professional writing service to have it done with an A quality. However, in doing so, they often miss out a very important opportunity to gain valuable skills that will come in handy in their adult lives and careers. And while the perspective of scoring less than brilliant may be frightening, the benefits students get from writing their essay papers themselves are definitely worth trying.

Here is the list of top skills you can master when writing essays in school or college:

Enviable Writing Skills

When you are yet a student, the idea might not seem that attractive yet. You don’t want to become another Stephen King after all, do you? However, not only book authors can benefit from excellent writing skills.

First and foremost, essay writing teaches students to express their thoughts and ideas in a simple, engaging, and structured manner. This skill can be further transferred to a variety of real-life situations such as building up your resume for a dream job, writing a cover letter, or even describing your working experience on an interview.

And in times of hardships, this can always be your bread and butter. With so many odd jobs on the internet, you can try yourself as an online essay writer, a copywriter for some business, or even start your own blog and make it a full-time job someday.

Improved Research Skills

You don’t have to be a scientist or a researcher to benefit from research skills. With so much informational noise attacking us from everywhere, knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff is as good as gold.

A student can’t write a good paper without the knowledge of how to collect, analyze, and classify information. And these are the skills that will be useful in every area of adult life. Whether it is making up a report for your boss or buying the house, you’ll know what questions should be asked and where to find the answers.

Increased Knowledge in Different Niches

As a student, you will have to write on a variety of topics. Some of them may be usual and easy, while others will require a good share of your time and effort to scrutinize the problem. This gives students a priceless opportunity to increase their savviness in many spheres and broaden their horizons.        

Better Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a very important skill that helps us make decisions, solve problems, check rather than take on blind faith, and advance both in careers and lives. To cut it short, critical thinking is the ability to collect information and evaluate it to then apply it in daily circumstances.

And this is exactly how the essay preparation looks like. Students will never find ready-made answers; they will have to sift through the piles of data, go through a thorough analysis, and shape their personal opinion to write a good essay.

Mastered Persuasiveness

Even outstanding ideas can be left out in the cold when expressed poorly. By writing persuasive essays in college, students learn to reach the audience through strong arguments, solid facts, and a convincing tone. This skill will come in handy when speaking publicly, asking a boss for a promotion or raise, or even talking to your child. You’ll have a lot of chances to harness persuasiveness in your adult life. However, by not missing out this opportunity in college, you can graduate with a strong competitive edge and skyrocket in your future career.

Expanded Vocabulary

To make an essay a good one, often students have to spend quite some time working with dictionaries and synonym finders to pick the right wording to express their thoughts and ideas in a strong and well-directed way. This inevitably leads to a vocabulary boost, which, in its turn, creates an impression of you as a very educated and intelligent person.

Better Choice of Wording

A choice of wording can either settle a conflict or start a war. You’ve probably been in the situation when somebody interpreted your words wrong. While there may be many influencing factors, one of them is using inopportune ways to explain the point. Setting hopes on someone’s telepathic skills, many people often forget to mention important information or use ambiguous wording that often distorts the meaning of the statement. 

When writing, however, every time you have to put yourself in your reader’s shoes to make sure that your words will reach their hearts and minds. Not only does essay writing enrich vocabulary, but also teaches students to express their thoughts in a sharp and concise way, which no doubt is a must-have skill.

Creative State of Mind

It may not seem obvious – especially when preparing essays with a clear academic savor – but writing tunes your mind to creativity. To come up with a decent essay, students often have to go through a long process of brainstorming, consider hundreds of options, and cross out as many ideas. However, every time you generate an idea, a new neural connection is formed in your brain, which helps to produce further solutions faster and develop non-standard thinking. After all, to become a person who can think out of the box, you have to walk through a long path of ordinary ideas first.

Better Mental State

Finally, essay writing helps to avoid a jumbled mess in your head. When every time you are required to present your thoughts in a well-organized manner, you learn to discriminate the important while dumping the rest. It facilitates better concentration and mindfulness in general. 

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