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How To Change Wi-Fi Password Pldt

Do you have a Wi-Fi internet connection in your home or office? Well, these days, we can’t image our lives without internet. The Internet has helped us in multiple ways. From solving our assignments to watching our favourite movies, we take help of the internet. High-speed internet has become a basic need for all of us. We can get high-speed internet service only via a broadband internet connection. There are a lot of people who get a new broadband internet connection, but forget to default login credentials of their router. Mostly the default logic connection has its own vulnerability or weakness. So, it’s important to change your PLDT Fibr Wi-Fi password immediately. 

One of the biggest problems that first time users are confronting of all is the way to change the PLDT Wi-Fi password. If you are also a new Wi-Fi user and want to change your PLDT Fibr default Wi-Fi password and login credentials, then you can change it by following the step-by-step guide brought by our experts.

How to change PLDT fibr Wi-Fi password?

  • Connect your mobile phone with the internet.
  • Now open your mobile browser and type is a default gateway address that will bring you to the Router Control Panel)
  • Put the login information required on this page.
    • Username: admin
    • Password: 1234
  • Once you are logged in, you’ll be inside the control panel; you need to enter into “Security Setup”.
  • Now go to “Network” and change your username and password.
  • Now go to WLAN Setup. There you will see a box for SSID customization. Simply fill up the box with the name extension you want.
  • Once filled, click on the “Apply Changes” button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the left side of the page, you’ll see a “Save” button for making the new SSID permanent. Click on the same button.
  • Once the password is changed, your device will be disconnected to the network.
  • You can try reconnecting it by using your new password.

Speed up your internet connection by changing PLDT fibr Wi-Fi password

Router resetting is different from router restarting. Change it the login details of the router helps you to adjust its speed at an optimal level. Do that anytime you find like you have trouble with your network or when the Internet connection is working slow.

If you don’t get the bandwidth you expect to get, just reset your PLDT fibr Wi-Fi password. It is necessary to notice that you remove all the previous settings for your router, such as your Wi-Fi network name, password, etc. when you change the login credentials. You will first sign into the Router Web interface and transfer the new setup to a file if you choose to maintain the same network settings.

FAQs related to PLDT fibr Wi-Fi password change

  • Why can’t I access

There are different units of PLDT Fibr routers. So, if you are not able to access, then just click Windows button + R which will open command prompt window, now type cmd into the input box and press Enter button. in cmd window, type “ipconfig.” Now find the value of Default Gateway with numeric IP address like That will be the IP address that you need to access to change your Wi-Fi settings.

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  • An error “Your connection is not private” is occurring after visiting What does it mean?

If this error occurs, just click “Advanced” option and click on select “Proceed to (unsafe)”. You’ll be redirected to the page.

  • Why admin/1234 username and password is not working?

Your internet service provider might have changed the default login details. So, if you can’t enter into the user panel, just call your internet service provider and ask for the updated default admin username and password.

We hope now you know how to change Wi-Fi password PLDT fibr. Follow these steps and enjoy lag-free internet connection. Changing Wi-Fi password is essential to keep your internet connections safe from near hackers. There are a lot of people who crack the Wi-Fi password and use the internet for free. So, it’s essential to change your PLDT Wi-Fi password from time to time and keep it safe from hackers.

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