How to Market on Pinterest Like a Pro

Right now could be the best time to start using Pinterest marketing in your business.

It has a large user base, a varied audience, and it hasn’t become as saturated as other social media platforms have yet. That means competition and marketing costs are both lower.

Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool if you use it the right way and the tips in this article will help set you up for online marketing success with Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image-based social network that allows you to save, or “pin”, images and videos to your own folders, or “boards”.

It currently has 400 million monthly active users, and there are 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month so using Pinterest is a great way to get your business in front of your target customers.

How to Get Started with Pinterest Marketing

Before you can make the most of Pinterest, there are a few basics you need to understand. This will help you get more views on your pins and more visitors to your website.

Create a Verified Business Profile

The first thing you need to do is set up your profile, which you can do from the Pinterest homepage.

When creating your account, select a business account, and follow the on-screen instructions. Using a business account will give you access to more data on your pins and their paid advertising features.

You can also reach out to Pinterest support for more business-related questions.

Next, verify your website. To do this, add your website to your profile and then add Pinterest’s HTML tag so their system can verify that it is your site. Your Pinterest profile will have a tick next to your website once this has been completed.

Boards and Content Strategy

Your boards are the folders or categories for the content you pin. You can set up as many boards as you’d like.

They don’t all have to be about you or your products and services. One of the best ways to get more engagement on Pinterest is to have other boards that your target customer might also be interested in.

For example, a baker might have a board showcasing wedding cakes they make as well as some boards with wedding venues, wedding dresses, and honeymoon ideas.

Post Eye-Catching Content Consistently

When someone is on Pinterest, they might not be fully focused on their screen when they’re scrolling. This means your content needs to catch their eye and make them stop.

Use a combination of colors that stand out from other pins in your industry, clear text to explain what the pin is about, and the right image size. Generally vertical content performs well on Pinterest because it takes up more screen space.

You can also use a Pinterest Pin maker to help with this.

There is no specific rule for how often you should post to Pinterest but you want to post regularly and make sure you are consistent with it. Between your own content and other pins you share, find a frequency that you can stick to.

Get Started with Pinterest for Your Business

Adding a Pinterest marketing strategy into your business’s marketing mix could be exactly what your business needs. This is especially true if you don’t want to become too reliant on the other big social networks.

Take your time to learn the platform, how to use it, and what content works well for your business, and you’ll quickly figure out how to market on Pinterest for your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about online marketing and technology for your business, keep reading the rest of our blog.

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