How to optimize development?

In order to optimize development performance, Gitential provides proprietary software development analytics via git repository evolution analysis. It allows CTOs and engineering executives to work by presenting reliable metrics regarding team and individual developer contributions.

These days, analytics are everywhere. Right now, data scientists are among the most sought-after competencies on the market. But, what happens if you can’t get your squad to snag one? How else do you assess the developers’ efficiency and effectiveness?

Inherently, software design is a creative process, meaning that it does not lend itself well to measurements and analysis. It is still a process, however, and all systems can be streamlined theoretically.

This is where Gitential gets in. Gitential (rhymes with potential) is a tool that analyses archives of your source code to help you find possible problems with the development of your software.

This analytics method allows the software development process to be evaluated with quantitative metrics. Such metrics are straightforward and can thus be streamlined, allowing teams to develop responses and save time and resources.

Gitential does not determine the consistency of code; the programmers also have to decide and deliberate on that. Nor does it make judgement calls on how much time a certain bit of code should be spent on; that’s still still for team leaders to judge.

How is it working?

By finding problematic parts of code, Gitential helps teams to concentrate on problem areas in GitHub or Bitbucket repositories. Gitential monitors the coding hours, coding volume and use of the teams. This helps teams to keep track of productivity and find areas that need to be explored.

The major issue here is whether or not an analytical tool can merely diagnose problematic code sections by highlighting sections that take the longest time. It is not flawless, and it is not intended to be. Measuring is not, after all, the be-all, end-all objective. The metrics themselves are not either. The aim is to refine the process of software development in a manner that works best for any individual team.

Analytics such as these are just a tiny part of getting the finish line to a software application. But it should make it easy to get there on time and under budget with Gitential.

Gitential is in open beta at present. The open source option is free, but there are paid solutions available for start-up, established, and corporate teams as well as for start-up teams.

Finalizing the Release Notes for July

The final addition to our July gitlab release notes, announced earlier, is the latest GitLab compatibility update. In addition to our latest, more colourful look, users can now use Gitential’s Firefox browser. More updates include:

  • The smartphone navigation of Gitential is much simpler.
  • Starting fresh projects and moving between existing ones is smoother.
  • Technical and Corporate users can export data from their git repository for use in any of their favourite out-of-tool research programmes.

We would like to hear from you. What are your thoughts on our new look? What new characteristics would you like to see? We would love to hear about any news you would like to share, fresh releases, new funding campaigns, or active attempts to finance. On Twitter, please hit us-and let us know what other social media platforms you are involved on!

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