How to Play Paid Games Free Using Credit Card Generator

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing must have impacted some of the plans with families and friends this year for almost everyone.

But one of the major social activities during the pandemic COVID-19 people enjoy at home is playing games with their friends and foes.

The coronavirus impacted all the major industries but one industry was remarkable to see skyrocketing sales and that is the gaming industry, according to a recent study “Global spending on digital games rose up to 10 billion us dollars”.

Nowadays, many online games and gaming applications are free to download but for playing unlimited access, some of these games ask to purchase in-game points or require credit card details.

Sharing credit card details with an unauthorized gaming app can turn out to be a nightmare for anyone, as some people are least bothered to pay attention to the game settings and their terms of use.

Later on, they realize that they have been digitally attacked by hackers.

Impact of hackers on smart devices

  • Unwanted popping ads
  • Installation of unwanted applications
  • Makes hard uninstalling the malicious application
  • Dragging speed of smart devices, thus slowing down 
  • Automatically making double copies of any files.

Super Mario Run was programmed by Fobus

  A recent case was reported when a game named “Super Mario Run” was abused. The copied version of the game was launched in the major application store.

The game was downloaded by the people without checking if it’s from the real company or not.

At very initial stages the game asks to enter the credit card details in the game and later on it accesses the user’s sensitive data like:

  • Personal contacts
  • Personal messages
  • Automatically calls
  • Access to location
  • Changes the screen lock
  • Changes the passwords
  • Steals the banking details and miss use them

And there is no stopping from misusing sensitive information, in the apps stores there are numerous games that are being programmed by Fobus to steal credit card details.

So to avoid falling into this trap, gamers can take advantage of random credit card generators, these random credit card generators are safe and free.

Anyone can use these top 5 random credit card generators to gain unlimited access to the paid games

Below given are the 5 best random credit card generators and their features. 

5 best random credit card generators

1)   Prepostseo

Prepostseo is one of the best online generators users use it to generate random credit card information.

Anyone can use it to play games or use it multiple times for several websites that ask to insert the credit card information.

This credit card generator has basic and advanced level information like in basic level it shows:

  • Card brand: It shows all the major credit card types like Visa, American Express, Mastercard and etc.
  • Expiry month: It shows the expiry month of the same credit card
  • Expiry year: It shows the expiry year of the same credit card
  • CVV/CVV2: It asks either input CVV or generates it according to the programming
  • Quantity: It gives the option to the user to decide how many credit card does he/she wants like 5.10,15, or 20. 

Advanced level

  • It gives access very similar to create a credit card like:
  • It gives the option to select any brand out of 45 brands
  • It asks to select the country origin of the credit card
  • It gives the option to choose the selected bank
  • It gives the option to create a Pin code
  • It gives the option to create CVV/CVV2
  • It asks for expiry month and the year
  • It asks money limit of the credit card
  • It asks how many credit cards do the user wants to generate?

Which makes it the number one choice among the top credit card generators.

2)   NeaPay

NeaPay is a popular choice in helping its users since 2012, by generating credit cards for testing or gaming purposes.


  • It shows a number of options to choose from different brands
  • It asks to customize a card number by own preference
  • User can create a credit card starting with his/her own name
  • User can choose his/her bank name of the credit card issuer
  • It asks to write the expiry date
  • It asks to create a pin code
  • It helps to create multiple credit cards
  • Sometimes users are in rush so instead of creating a credit card, this website auto-generates which saves time, as it instantly shows default credit card information.

3)   CCardgenerator

CCardgenerator is another good choice when coming to generating cards


  • It is programmed with the latest algorithms to create credit cards
  • It has an easy user interface to generate credit card data
  • It gives numerous option to choose from different brands
  • It is widely used for bulk credit card generating
  • Most of the time it shows the auto-generated credit cards data
  • It shows all the essential data required to use a credit card for different purposes
  • It’s backed up with additional features like checking or verifying any credit card online without any hassle.

4)   Bestccgen

Bestccgen is one of the best credit card generators working in the digital world.


  • It helps in easily generating credit card for testing purposes
  • It’s totally free and secure to auto-generate credit card details
  • It covers 5 of the major credit cards brands widely used across the world
  • It shows the name of the cardholder
  • It shows the address of the cardholders
  • It shows the country origin of the card along with the expiry dates.

5)   Code beautify

Codebeautify is a user’s favorite choice when they are looking to create random credit cards for playing games.


  • The page contains 100 credit card numbers
  • It can generate credit card for 12 companies
  • Most of the credit card details are verified so the user doesn’t have to play with the numbers
  • The database is very large so easily a user can note down a bulk number of credit cards information
  • It has many additional tools like web development tools, online calculators, utility software’s and so much more.


With the growing number of games, the number of cybersecurity hackers is also increasing and very frequently they try to take advantage of popular titles to push their malicious apps like Fobus.

Users at first place mostly look at the front end of the games like their fancy titles and features but don’t think about the risk involved in it at the end.

  • The best practice is to download from the legal and safe play stores
  • Check the reviews and feedbacks of the game
  • Check any previous versions of the game
  • Readout or at least scan any terms before installing, that violates our privacy or safety.
  • And last but not least users can use above given credit card generators to play games and for other safety purposes where they feel it’s not secure to share their banking details.

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