How to See Enemies Better in Warzone & Make the Game Look Better

Warzone is a popular first-person shooter game under the COD franchise. With so many people playing Warzone, it is tough to win a game. The most crucial aspect of winning the game is locating enemies. If you can’t see the enemy, you can’t kill him. In this article, we will explore how you can locate the enemy properly. You can check out Warzone hacks for more such tips at

Brightness and contrast

Every person has a different preference for screen brightness and contrast. Adjusting brightness and contrast according to your preferences is already a step in the right direction. As online gaming is all about hand-eye coordination, it is crucial to put your eyes at ease.

If the brightness is not optimal, you will find it difficult to concentrate on the actual gameplay. As a player, taking care of brightness and contrast makes you better at the game and saves your eye from any undue damage. Also, don’t forget to keep a balance between the comfort of your eyes and the visibility of opponents.

Mouse sensitivity

Every player wants the gameplay experience to be different. Some like it really rough, while others prefer smooth movements. According to your preference, you must adjust the sensitivity of your mouse.

Adjusting sensitivity will help you get better control over your character. It also resolves the issue of the player moving more or less.

The minimap is your friend

In Warzone, you get a minimap on your screen that locates the enemies nearby. It is a crucial tool to track the movement of your nearby opponents. But, do you know that there is more to it?

In Warzone, you get two styles of minimap on the service. One of the minimaps is circular and the other is square. It is up to the players to use either, but a square minimap provides a larger area in practice. Using a square map can help you track more enemies in your surrounding area. It is recommended to shift to a square minimap. Still, you must use a circular minimap if you are more comfortable with that.

Turn off motion blur

Motion blur is one of the most talked-about features in Warzone promotions. While it looks great in the promos, the actual use of this tool is not great. Motion blur provides you a more cinematic view of the game but is a hindrance in gameplay. The game graphics get better with motion blur, but distort the image. In many instances, this distortion makes the enemies invisible, and you fall prey to their attack.  

Turning off motion blur hardly affects your gameplay experience. It also eliminates the chance of any invisibility due to distortion.

Increase field of view

The field of view is the area visible to you on the screen. Many people experience difficulty where they can see lesser area and the opponent strikes from an invisible zone. This problem has no complete solution, but it can be made better. In your game settings, you get the option to increase the field of view. Increased field of view helps you cover a larger area and prevent unpredicted attacks. A larger field of view may mean a lot more for your eyes to process, but it is still worth a chance.

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