New Car, Safe Car: These New Car Tech Trends Help With Accident Prevention

If you haven’t purchased a car in a long time, you’ll be surprised by the advances car technology has made. Newer cars are designed for accident prevention.

When you hit the car lots it may get overwhelming. The amount of technology installed on cars may seem like a lot. Take your time to understand each feature because not everything is a requirement.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the salesperson trying to sell features, you’ll never use.

Is it time to get rid of your old clunker? Keep reading to learn more about car trends and safety features.

Accident Prevention Technology

The new car technology for preventing accidents include things like lane-change prevention. Maybe you don’t see the car in your blind spot or you became distracted and veered towards the next lane. The car will detect your movement or another vehicle in close proximity.

The signal can range from an audible warning or a flashing light. In advanced accident prevention features, the car will correct itself to avoid an accident.

Other new car technology includes rear cross-traffic alerts. This is a warning system that is activated to alert the driver when something or someone is approaching while they have the car in reverse. It is similar to the backup camera that assists when backing out of parking spaces.


Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is a feature most drivers will need to get used to. It is not a friend of the person who likes to ride the bumper of cars ahead of them, or who speeds in and out of traffic.

AEB warns the driver when it senses the car is too close to the vehicle ahead. The technology is so advanced that it can calculate how fast the car can stop based on the rate of speed. If it senses an imminent impact, the car will automatically brake on its own.

This can still create a collision if the car behind you slams into the rear of your vehicle. Sweet James is an accident attorney that can help with litigation.

Auto Steering and Cruise Control

One thing new car technology does is make a driver more mindful. At least that is the goal. With auto-steering and cruise control features, the car measures distance and speed to make the ride safer.

The’s control system adjusts your speed to the flow of traffic. It also can take control of the steering mechanisms when it senses the driver is unable to do so.


Texting and driving have caused a lot of accidents. New cars come with Bluetooth to allow drivers to operate a mobile phone hands-free. Divers can use voice technology to answer calls, reply to text messages, and control their car’s audio systems.

It’s Time to Go Car Shopping

Safety should always come first when it comes to you and your family. Choosing a new car with accident prevention may also help lower your car insurance.

Does new technology keep you intrigued? Check out other great articles in our technology section.


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