North Face CMO and VP of Product Creation Steve Lesnard introduces the Vectiv running shoe

More people seeking ways to enjoy the great outdoors while emerging from innovation lies at the heart of the new VECTIV line of running shoes from outdoor specialist The North Face. A combination of advanced design, athlete input, and modern materials make each of three new VECTIV shoe purpose-built for exceptional performance.

The North Face CMO and VP of Product Creation Steve Lesnard says the new VECTIV shoe line is the most advanced available for the true outdoor enthusiast. The VECTIV innovation uses 21st-century technology to design and build the best possible outdoor shoe for truly active people.

VECTIV Innovation Defined

Designers and athletes alike put in more than 6,000 miles of testing to develop the new VECTIV line of athletic shoes over two years. More than a dozen running records fell while developing the adjustable new line of shoes for The North Face. The result is a fantastic new line of shoes that brand marketing gurus will appreciate for its ability to generate word-of-mouth excitement and general “buzz” about all that they can do.

Each VECTIV shoe weighs just 8 ounces, so you have a total of a pound of footgear that feels nearly weightless while running. Welded overlays, a three-dimensional knit upper, and a tongueless cuff make it more like pulling on a very comfortable pair of socks than lacing up a pair of more traditional running shoes.

A series of 3.5 mm lugs that are offset by 6 mm delivers exceptional performance via modern innovation and design. You even can tune the outsole and midsole with the carbon fiber plate for optimal performance. This is not a shoe that assumes every foot is the same. Instead of “one-size-fits-all,” you start with your general shoe size and then tune the sole to your foot.

You might have very wide feet, a high arch, or other conditions for which you can tune the VECTIV athletic shoe and get the best possible results. The slip-on design ensures ideal comfort while traditional laces keep the sole and shoe securely affixed to your foot while you go about your intended activities.

Cool Carbon Fiber-Aided Sole

The most innovative feature of the entire planned line of The North Face VECTIV athletic shoe is an internal carbon plate. The lightweight and exceptionally strong plate create a rocker effect on the sole that tells you the VECTIV is no ordinary shoe. When you stride down on the shoe, the carbon fiber plate creates a rebound effect that helps to propel your foot and body forward more quickly and effortlessly.

The technological innovation enabled trial runners to set 17 competition records while developing the most advanced athletic shoe now available. That affirms the success and effectiveness of The North Face’s design team’s effort.

Just Scratching the Surface

The initial rollout of VECTIV shoes provides three general types, but The North Face says to be on the lookout for many more. Up to eight styles of the shoe are under development to address a wide range of outdoor uses. Flight VECTIV is the ideal shoe for serious distance runners with added propulsion and 10 percent less impact with every stride. The brand marketing positions the VECTIV line as the perfect 21st-century solution for professional runners and enthusiasts alike who want to get more intimate with the great outdoors.

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