Phones To Improve Learning

Of course, we cannot deny the fact that phones are disadvantageous or advantageous. Phones are one of those topics that most lecturers or scholars fall on either side. There are those lecturers who hate them, and there are those who love them. Of course, their applications that enable you to chat with friends, family-like social media apps. Some are for leisure, as the game apps. So many teachers wonder if smartphones are like a distraction to students or they are just a temptation. Do smartphones outweigh the learning contributions? Even the students who use smartphones in the class agreed that smartphones cause many distractions in class. But smartphones are a blessing in disguise. To improve your learning process you can also pay someone to write my essay.

Students have to learn how to manage their time well, so they need to prioritize their activities. When students a particular where they can use their smartphones, it will help them avoid a lot of distractions. Students will have the ability to use their smartphones in a way that will benefit them academically. When students follow instructions in class, they will not have trouble with the lecturers concerning their students. Instead, students can use smartphones as a very powerful tool that will help them to solve everyday academic issues.

“If you cannot beat them, just join them.” 

Instead of you As a lecturer quarreling with Your students about gaming in class. Try to think of gaming as a tool that will help your students to improve on their grades. Smartphones are a way that students can link to the world outside and get the passion they will use to read and study hard. These smartphones give the students the ability to research and discover new things about the unit. Smartphones provide good strategies for learning. 

Below are how teachers can incorporate smartphones into the learning process. 

Permit students to adapt their assignments

Students have a variety of smartphone applications on their phones. So as the teachers allow your students to use the technology that they see fit for their studies. If they are to use the applications of their choice, make sure that they produce very quality work. Students can do a lot of work on their smartphones. Students can do research, slides, create videos, all of these things using the help of smartphones. 

Organize what’s ahead

Now instead of arguing with your students about using smartphones. What you can do is, tell your students to do prior research on the topics that are coming ahead. In this way, you make your students constructively use their smartphones instead of just playing games on their phones. Once you go, e students, such assignments will turn their distractive gadgets into gadgets to help them with their academic work.

Researching topics of interest

Students have particular topics that they feel like doing. So as a teacher, allow them to research whatever topic that they see fit. You see, when you give students research topics of their interest, their work will surprise you. Students will come up with a log of new things that you didn’t expect of them. After this exercise, let the students out their work in groups so that those without smartphones can also learn.

Trust the students

Students often text from under their desks, but they are just checking the facts of the lesson in an actual sense. You see, when students check the facts of the lesson, they will hold you as a teacher accountable. Hence the standard of academics will be high. The teacher takes off some pressure from him because he can give the students what to research about.


Smartphones are very helpful in very many ways. They can even schedule your activities throughout the day.

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