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Psiphon Pro for PC – How to Download and Install

The Internet has been established on the premise of free information access. Nevertheless, for multiple reasons, many people have restricted exposure to the internet. It is mostly because of limitations by government or employer. The restricted sites are mostly torrent sites because they give people excess to pirated movies, series, shows and videos. It must be annoying when you learn about incredible content that can not be reached on the internet. If anyone has been denied access, the Internet is not world-wide. So, what is the way to get that content? Well, if the internet has given us a problem, it has given us the solution as well. You can extensively use the internet beyond the regular limits with the help of apps and software. There are many app and software that grant users open access to all the available content on the internet when information controls are restricted within a country. Today, we are going to discuss this app! Let’s proceed further and know more about it!

What is Psiphon Pro?

Psiphon is circumvention software that offers uncensored links to the Web material for Windows and Mobile devices. It is a free source online gateway to safely circumvent information filtering mechanisms for Internet users impacted by internet censorship. The system uses VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy to allow access to all internet material without any censor. The tool provides a large user base for the online infrastructure when governments act to block the Internet. The app is based on a platform that connects users to the growing attempts of governments to obstruct them. Psiphon Pro is designed and created by Psiphon Inc. If you want to install Psiphon Pro in your computer, then read the complete blog, as we are going to share a step by step guide to download Psiphon Pro in PC.

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How to Download & Install Psiphon Pro in PC?

1. The first step is to install an Android emulator named BlueStacks in your system. Android emulator helps you download and use the mobile app in PC. BlueStacks can be downloaded easily from its official website.

2. When you visit the official website of BlueStacks, you will see ‘Get BlueStacks’ on the top right corner of the screen, which you need to click.

3. Once you have downloaded the APK file of BlueStacks in your system, navigate the folder where it was downloaded and click on the bluestacks.exe file in order to install the file.  

4. Once you get an ‘installation completed’ message on the screen. Click ‘Finish’ to successfully launch the app in your system.

 5. You can skip the step of download Bluestacks if you already have it in your system.

6. Now, you need to sign in to your Google account to complete the configuration process. Fill the details and log in.

 7. Then you need to find the search bar on BlueStacks and type ‘Psiphon’ app in the search bar and click the “Search” option.

 8. Once you find the app with icon, complete the installation process and then go to the BlueStacks home screen and open the app from there.

Now you have successfully added the app in your system and can now get content from any website without any restriction. This app is highly useful for people who live in countries where most of the websites are censored. 


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