Skills Required To Become Hadoop Developer

If you are one of the computer sciences engineers who are newly introduced to Hadoop, your questions about what this technology is, the career perspectives and skills it takes to access this field will be explained in this article.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source software platform for data storage and execution of applications on commodity hardware clusters. It offers vast data storage, immense computing power, and the ability to manage almost unlimited simultaneous tasks or jobs.

Dates back to know Hadoop evolution

In 2006, Yahoo developed Hadoop with Doug Cutting and his team based on GFS and MapReduce. Yahoo began the use of Hadoop on a 1000 cluster node in 2007. In January 2008, Yahoo released Hadoop to the Apache Software Foundation as an open-source project. Apache successfully tested Hadoop in July 2008 for a 4000 node cluster. In 2009, Hadoop successfully searched and indexed millions of web pages using a petabyte of data in less than 17 hours. Apache Hadoop released version 1.0 in Dec 2011.  Version 2.0.6 was later released in August 2013.

Need for Hadoop

With the growing global web and the amount of information to be processed — Big Data, it is now called — systems were required, which were nearly unfailing to function. There was considerable data to be interpreted, parsed, stored, retrieved, and hardware systems that hadn’t yet been invented in conjunction with this amount. However, one system is not enough to hold the different data types that the planet produces every day.

To say simply

  • No adequate space was available to store the data produced in current times.
  • The storage of vast quantities of heterogeneous data was also an issue.
  • The processing and accessing of the system speeds, mainly when using the same equation, were insufficient.

What does a Hadoop Developer do?

Hadoop Developer is a skilled programmer who has profound knowledge of Hadoop components and tools. A Hadoop developer generally designs, creates, and deploys highly documented professional applications.

What are the top skills to become a Hadoop Developer?

Now that you know what a Hadoop developer’s responsibilities are, you must have the correct ability to be one. The following again provides potential skills for employers from different fields. It is good to look at the road map to become a Hadoop developer.

  • It is necessary to know the simple SQL and distributed systems.
  • Good programming abilities in Java, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, and other languages.
  • Build your own Hadoop Projects to grasp Hadoop’s terminology
  • Aware of Java is a must. Since Hadoop has been developed with Java
  • A Master Degree or a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science will be an added benefit.

Skills required are:

The development of Hadoop includes various technologies and programming languages. Below are the essential skills to become a good Hadoop developer.

  • Hadoop is written in Java, so Java is an integral part of Hadoop learning.
  • Hadoop runs on Linux, so know some simple Linux commands.
  • Solid back-end programming skills, in particular Java, Javascript, Node.js, and OOAD.
  • High-performance, stable, and up-to-date code writing.
  • Able to write MapReduce jobs/tasks.
  • Strong knowledge of systems, theories, concepts, and procedures of databases.
  • Should write Pig Latin scripting languages.
  • Earn experience in Query languages like HiveQL.
  • Data loading software, such as Flume, Sqoop, should be familiar.
  • Awareness of workflow/programming skills such as Oozie.
  • Know-how in analytic and problem solving with Big Data.
  • Proven grasp of Hadoop, HBase, and HBase technologies.
  • Strong multi-threading and competitiveness skills in the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Hadoop and its Ecosystem.
  • Experience in ETL and Data Loading tools like Flume and Sqoop.
  • Should work on such back-end code.

Hadoop Technology – Future Outlook

Hadoop has many growth opportunities, and it is a fulfilling and lucrative profession to step-in. As an enterprise solution, many organizations implement Apache Hadoop with changing market criteria and demands. There is a surprisingly differing demand for Hadoop experts on the market. Professionals with diverse technical skills in .NET, PHP, Java, Mainframes languages can learn Hadoop. There is a market for Hadoop skills – this is undeniable! Companies are placing great emphasis on the fact that data application will play a significant role in their competitive plans, leading to a lucrative salary for in-demand skills. Hence, IT professionals are very encouraged to keep up with the technology of Hadoop and Big Data.

Apache Hadoop offers you the means to improve your career and shows you the following benefits:

  • Self career development
  • Improved Hadoop pay package
  • Improved job prospects for both freshers and experienced candidates.

How to become a Hadoop Developer?

The credential shows this skill and gives you the above assurance that you are the trusted and reliable person for their data. Individuals can earn Hadoop certification through online or in-class training. Because of their busy lives, the latter option is not handy for professionals. Everything has been made simple through online in this new era. So online training is just a good idea. The main difference between online training institutions is that it is a live training?

Job seekers looking for work in different IT companies, anyone planning to develop their skill set and make their CV stronger, and current employees looking for a better career can show their employers the value of their skills with this certification.

Final Verdict

Hadoop is a technology on which we rely for the future. Major big businesses need Hadoop for their Big Data storage, processing, and analysis. With the amount of data exponentially increasing, there is a need for this software.

In 2018, USD 169 billion in the Global Big Data and Business Analytics Industry, which is projected to rise to USD 274 billion by 2022. A PwC survey, however, estimates that in the US alone, around 2.7 million employment openings would be made by 2020.

If you want to step into this field, this is the right time for you to learn the Hadoop platform.


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