The Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Did you know that the Bitcoin Cash originated from the Bitcoin? While there are many Bitcoin forks in the market, none has been as popular as the Bitcoin Cash or BCH. A fork happens when the original blockchain code undergoes an update but only a handful of the computers in that blockchain accept it.

So, in case of the Bitcoin Cash, the original blockchain stays intact and the computers accepting the change break off from this original to create a different blockchain. Coins on this new blockchain are not the same as the Bitcoins on the original. Those holding the original coins when the forking happened will get the forked version. This means that when the Bitcoin had forked to BCH, those owning 10 BTC would get an amount of BCH corresponding to the value of the Bitcoins they owned.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

From the start there had been issues regarding Bitcoin’s lack of scalability. All transactions involving Bitcoins are verified and stored in the blockchain that acts like a distributed pubic ledger. This ledger cannot be tampered with and records once stored cannot be changed. But the network is slow as compared to faster modes of transaction like credit cards. With the Bitcoin network steadily growing, the waiting periods have become longer as the number of transactions has also gone up. This cryptosoft erfahrungen will help you understand the volumes of trade the automated bitcoin trading apps can generate. As a result, developers came up with two possible solutions, namely, making the data to be verified smaller and making blocks bigger. The BCH was born out of these two requirements.

  • Today, BCH has faster transactions and cheaper transaction fees; so when you make BCH transactions, you save more money than if you were to use Bitcoins.
  • BCH also guarantees much quicker transaction times. The original waiting period of 10 minutes for verifying Bitcoin transactions has been substantially reduced.
  • Bitcoin Cash can also handle far more transactions every second. So, there are many more people using Bitcoin Cash at one time than Bitcoins. This has been possible because the block in BCH is 8 times bigger than the original Bitcoin block. No surprises then why the BCK is cheaper, more scalable, and faster compared to Bitcoin.
  • Both BTC and BCH values depend on how much they are used or demanded. You can evaluate them depending on returns on investment and growth of value. They have both been value holders but BCH is fast gaining both popularity and value compared to Bitcoins.
  • BCH is younger compared to Bitcoin and is in a stage of realizing its status in the crypto space. There are people who feel that BCH will take up a lot of Bitcoin’s market share and soon grow into a dominant crypto asset. And if the Bitcoin developers do not come out with a solution to fix this scalability problem, BTC may lose out to BCH.
  • As far as investor confidence is concerned, the BCH is still lacking in it and its market penetration and adoption rate are still slow. This is probably because the coin is relatively new and Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade now.
  • Miners are not quick to mine BCH because will give you much less profits than mining BTC; equipments used are the same.
  • As far as trading goes, BCH boasts of much less trading pairs than Bitcoins. So, in a sense, it is less-tradable compared to the Bitcoin.

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