The Growth Of Telegram And How It Can Be Taken Advantage For Lead Generation

Today, there are tons of social media messaging platforms to contact through. But Telegram is growing massively and sustains the best place in the market for users and audiences. Telegram is an online solution for instant messaging service that lets users send messages, share files, facilitate voice and video calls. In 2013, Telegram, developed by Pavel Durov and Nikolai, belonged to VK’s Russian social media platform, headquartered in St Petersburg. Also, Telegram competes closely with WhatsApp and other social media platforms. However, Telegram varies from Whatsapp by letting its users access accounts from different devices. Telegram owners also possess that its multi-data construction and encryption are more protective than the Facebook apps. 

Exponential Growth Of Telegram

Both users and non-users of Telegram make up rapid growth over the world of online messaging. It also reaches some incredible milestones which target over the few years. Telegram is focusing on one to two billion users by the end of 2022. Telegram proves to be famous from the start on particular levels and reaches 100K users within October 2013. It was initiated in August of the same year on iOS and October on Android, a perfect kickstart for Telegram. By March 2014, the app targets million monthly active users. There were 15 million daily active users, increasing to almost 50 million by the end of the same year. The growth of Telegram gets doubled by Feb 2016, with attractive change happening from 2015. 

The statistics say that nearly 2.2 million residents of urban cities used the Telegram platform regularly on mobile devices in the year 2017. With the massive growth in the next two years, in March 2019, the count reached 4.5 million. By 2017, Telegram was up to 180 million operating users, including the following 20 million users in the list as of March 2018. In March 2019, it stated that Telegram had three million fresh users within 24 hours on the Facebook platforms and Whatsapp. There was an increase of at least 1.5 million users who newly registered on the platform every day. 

How Does Growth Of Telegram Get Benefits For Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

Like every other form of marketing, lead generation is everything about stimulating audiences’ interest in a product or service and attracting that interest by getting these consumers to access out straight to your company. Lead generation takes on different forms and can be delivered over various platforms to pull audiences into your business effectively. The lead generation process follows a basic set of steps over the media: 

Audiences find your brand online by your website, a blog post, a social media page, or even a guest post from the marketers. Simultaneously, audiences tap onto the call-to-action on the content, such as image, button, or CTA button. Nowadays, every business profile uses an SMM reseller panel that handles the social media platform to maintain your engagement rate. 

Some of the facts and benefits for lead generation from the growth of Telegram listed below: 

1. Telegram’s Higher Engagement Platform

Telegram is a most engaging platform as it has GIFs, and app developers can also make their attributes. According to the study, Telegram has an aspect rate of 20%, whereas Instagram has 3% and Facebook’s 4%. The engagement factor of Telegram is particularly more similar during the lockdown as most of the millennials reach a burning point on Instagram every day and need to search other apps. 

2. Powerful Telegram Pods Tool To Simplify Other Social Media

For online businesses which need to expand their reach on Snapchat and Instagram, Telegram pods are an effective tool. A Telegram pod comprises audiences who like the brand. They want pictures and comments on the post when shared on a Telegram group. Telegram pods can be of the perfect use for companies with an ideal technological presence and are aware of coding bots with additional attributes. 

3. Produce Awareness For Your Brand

Brand awareness means how well-known your product, service, brand name are among potential audiences. It is specifically true in your target market groups. You can utilize lead generation marketing to instruct and inform your target market on the products or services you provide and the advantages which bring into their lives. When audiences don’t understand your brand, they don’t know to call your company. Your lead generation marketing content always needs to add your company contact information. Remember to add a click-to-call choice for mobile audiences; therefore, they can quickly and connect to your brand. 

4. Telegram Bots Are Powerful Marketing Tool

Telegram bots can be made on the platform to automate marketing. In contrast to sending reminders to people who are a part of Telegram social, businesses can make a bot perform the work. In the long run, marketing through Telegram bots is much more cost-effective. 

5. Focus Desired Audiences

Like other forms of digital marketing, lead generation can support you in focusing on a target audience depending on several varied factors. The factor which you need to use at first is the demographic location of your ideal audience. It can limit your capable target pool and make it evident which audiences can change into a lead. Using certain contact information for lead generation content in various geographic locations can support you deep down where the most calls come from in a PPC. Therefore reveal where you need to target your lead generation marketing. 

Ending Facts

Telegram works as a unique method to go for a messenger platform. It gains popularity in Brazil and Russia. Now Telegram is expanding its growth around the globe. The leading positions within the market reviews by protected safety measures, no ad usage, policy changes, and design methods. Every factor of Telegram makes a unique platform for developing your online business presence, increasing brand awareness, audience loyalty, improved traffic rates, and sales. Create an account, begin a new account, and share content with the audience. 

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