Tips and Tricks for Macbook Speed Optimization

Apart from various benefits of macbook series many users reported the macbook pro slow problem. It is very difficult to work system which has the tortoise like speed. It is hard to find out the exact reason of macbook pro slow because there are different elements which can affects the performance of the system.

Here are the set of quick and easy tips to speed up macbook user can try this one by one to speed up the system.

Clearing cache and deleting temporary files:

Cache files are stored in memory to speed up the day to day known processes. These files are typically found in the web browser. Safari typically stores the website images in the form of cache to provide the quick response to users when they reload the same website. These caches consumes considerable amount of your storage device of macbook. Delete these cache and temporary files is the quick step to speed up your IMAC. To clear caches on mac, users need to follow given steps:

  1. Go to Finder > Go.
  2. Keep pressing the option key and go to library.
  3. In the library go to cache folder. User can manually select and delete the cache files in this folder.
    User can use the software available on internet which executes all the above operations on single click. User need to clear cache and temporary files regularly for the good performance of the system.

Clearing Background Applications:

Users need different applications for the different purposes. As the count of installed application increase there are more processes may run in the background.
These background applications may effects the performance of the macbook. So it is good habit to close the unwanted applications in the background.
It can be done using following steps.

  1. Open finder.
  2. Go to utilities.
  3. Select and open the activity manager from the available options.
  4. User can see the list of running applications with its impact on CPU, memory, energy, disk and network.
  5. User can select the running process and click on quit button.

User can also close background processes or applications via doc panel of Mac. Press and hold the alt (option) key and right click on the application icon form the dock. Select the from the context menu.

Minimize the applications load on startup:

User experience slow mac startup due to tons of applications load on the startup. Users can minimize the startup programs to have faster logon on Mac OS X.
To minimize load of applications on start up click on the apple menu icon and go to system preferences. Go to the current user account by clicking on the users and group icon. Click on the login items tab.
Under the login items tab, user gets the check box list of applications and software which loads automatically after user login. User can uncheck and remove the unnecessary applications from the list.

Uninstalling unused software and applications:

Most of the users having thousands of applications installed in there system. User rarely used all the applications in daily use of system. These applications consume significant memory space which can causes the problem of macbook running slow.
For the best performance of IMAC, user can download the software from the internet and install them whenever they want it. After the use user can uninstall it.

To uninstall the program or software from the Mac follow the given steps.

  1. Open launch pad.
  2. Select and hold the software icon which you want to uninstall from the system.
  3. After icon shake click on the ‘X’ icon of black color.
  4. Click on the delete button to remove the selected software.

User can also remove the preferences files, library files and cache of the removed application. Generally they don’t harm users but deleting them can free some space in the hard drive.

~/Library/ Application Support/ (App Name)
~/Library/ Preferences/ (App Name)
~/Library/ Caches/ (App Name)
· Disable animation effects and remove transparencies:
Latest version of Mac OS X provides amazing animation effects and good user interface look. These animation effects and transparencies require more powers and influence the performance of the IMAC.

The users who require the high performance should disable these transparency and animation effects by following given steps.

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. Click on accessibility.
  3. From the available options check the reduced transparency.
  4. To reduce animation effect up to some extent click on preferences icon on dock.
  5. There two options scale effect and genie effect.
  6. Go with scale effect to reduce animation effects on Mac OS X.

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