Top WOW! Compatible WI-FI Routers in 2021

If you are currently using WOW! internet then you must want to get the most out of your service. One of the best ways to do that is to obtain a compatible router that can help to optimize the performance of your internet connection.

So, as per the necessity, you have to opt for a WOW! compatible router that is not just there to increase your internet capabilities but also enhance the user experience by adding feasibility.

But before we dig into the list of the most WOW! Wi-Fi routers in 2021, you need to understand the reason for which you must get a WOW! compatible router.

Why You Should Buy a WOW! Compatible Router?

We are presenting a few major reasons why you should buy a WOW! Compatible router in the first place. This will help paint a picture in your mind about what elements are important and how they can benefit you.

·  Make Your Internet Speed Faster

The primary reason that should evoke the need for buying the WOW! Reconcilable router is that it will improve the speed of your internet connection. Plus, the router that you will rent can diminish the potential of a higher speed connection which you can easily get by purchasing a WOW! Wi-Fi router.

·  Save You From Paying Rental Fees

It is one of the most essential benefits that you can get from buying your own WOW! compatible routers. Who doesn’t want to save up some big chunk of money and in this case, you can save up to $8 to $10 each month, which means in the long run you will save yourself from spending around $600 in the next five years.

·  Provide You Wide Range of Coverage

If you want your router to render you a wider range of coverage then you must have one that has the capabilities to do so. Most of the rental routers are not efficient enough to provide you’re the desired coverage. That is why it is recommended that you choose a router that can spread the single in every corner of your home or office.

Best WOW! Compatible WI-FI Routers

Now that you know the main reasons why you should buy a WOW! Compatible router, let’s see some of the best WI-FI routers that can be a perfect fit for you.

1.   NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WI-FI Router (R7000)

Price: $149.99

Works with Alexa

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 is topping our list of the best compatible routers because it is a perfect example of a modern router that can give you everything you need if you are a WOW! Internet customer. If you have multiple devices at your home or office, this can work wonders for you because it supports up to 30 devices at a single time.

Moreover, one of the many amazing features of this smart router involves its high-end capacity of providing wireless coverage to over 1800 square feet. You can play hardcore games, heavy-duty streaming, or even connect it to your smart home devices, the Netgear Nighthawk will never fail to amaze you!

2.  TP-Link Archer A9 WI-FI Router

Price: $79.99

Works with Alexa

Is purchasing the new WI-FI router getting out of your budget? Well, you still don’t have to go for the renting option because this TP-Link Archer A9 is one budget-friendly product. This will not only save your money but will also allow your internet connection to reach its optimal performance.

It contains a beaming technology that increases the coverage level of the router. Plus it also contains a variety of security features that you don’t want to miss out on, including VPN servers, parental controls, guest WI-FI options, and much more. The setup of this router is incredibly easy, you will not even have to spend few bucks on calling for technical support.

3.  Eero Mesh WiFi Router

Price: $79.00

Works with Alexa

If you are looking for a router that can optimize your WOW! internet coverage then this is it! The Eero Mesh offers you a wide-spaced coverage for up to 1,500 square feet, this means it will accelerate your internet connection and make it even faster on every corner of your place.

Additionally, this smart technological device allows you to manage it perfectly through the eero app which also helps you in setting up your device in less than 10 minutes. It also provides you automatic security updates and comes with cross-compatible hardware that can be modified as your requirements change along the way.

To Conclude

Being a customer of WOW! internet already comes with several facilities and advantages. Moreover, if you want to elevate your amenities you should consider buying any one of these WOW! compatible WI-FI routers. Before you pick any one of these routers, make sure to calculate your budget so that you can pick the one that renders you the maximum opportunity of saving money.

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