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What are TikTok drafts and how they work?

Let’s try to understand what TikTok drafts are and how they work. These are videos that are not immediately put online but are saved for later publication. The reasons why you can decide not to load a TikTok immediately are different:

Maybe you have finished editing late at night. So you prefer to wait the next day, choosing a time when more users are connected and thus obtaining greater coverage, or you want to leave it “on stand-by” to continue modifying it when you have more time or more tiktok followers

A draft of TikTok can continue to be edited before sharing, even if only within a relatively limited margin of action. For example, it is not possible to combine several drafts together, and it is not possible to reload them, but it is allowed to perfect them through the addition of filters, stickers, effects, and more.

Where TikTok drafts are saved

Now that we have explained what they are, it remains to be discovered where the videos that have been prepared and not yet published are stored. Unlike what happens with other applications, TikTok drafts are not saved in the cloud and not even in the gallery or in the Camera Roll, but in the phone memory, among the app files, which is why they often end up being accidentally lost. It is a temporary local archive, “ephemeral,” so to speak.

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How TikTok drafts are deleted

TikTok drafts can be removed by hand or can be automatically canceled.The procedure for removing them manually is simple. When you are in the Drafts folder, tap at the top on Select, then choose the video you want to delete and select the Delete option. At this point, if you are sure, you have to give confirmation.

No option within the app allows you to empty the drafts folder completely. So if you wish to do so, you should select them one by one and then continue as just explained.

If you have not directly deleted the draft of TikTok, yet you can no longer find it, we must tell you that you are not the only one in this situation. Many users often complain of this seemingly unexplained problem. How can saved videos be automatically deleted? The reasons may be different, but generally, it happens because:

  • The application has been uninstalled and/or reinstalled ;
  • An application cache cleanup was performed;
  • The device for accessing TikTok has been changed (e.g., tablet or other phone has been used), an action for which drafts become invisible.

Since the drafts are not stored in the cloud or in the phone gallery, they are thus removed from the operating system (iOS or Android). This does not happen in case of exit from the application or disconnecting the profile.

Other useful tips

If you really don’t give up on ​​having lost your drafts and would like to try everything possible, we can advise you to try contacting the team that manages the application directly through the TikTok support page.Again, we have to be honest and explain that you don’t have much chance of getting what you want. TikTok’s terms of service are clear and relegate users to any responsibility to protect drafts and data on their device. If you want to get more views after publishing your video, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok views to take the lead.


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