What Is the Best Point of Sale System?

Whether you are starting an online shop or setting up a brick-and-mortar business, you will need a POS at some point. While you may think of it as just an ordinary cash register, they have now evolved to do much more. For instance, you can integrate them with cloud services and mobile devices to satisfy your hardware and software needs.

Currently, there are several POS systems geared entirely to business owners. While the best POS system depends on your specific needs, there are more and better features than others. Here are some of the best POS systems.

Toast POS System

This is probably one of the best POS systems out there. Founded in 2011 as a consumer payment app, it has continued to serve restaurants and other businesses. Featuring intuitive software, it can give you unparalleled insight and control over your business operations. As an all-in-one system, it provides features for managing both the front and back end of your business.

One of the best things about Toast is that it uses a competitive pricing system. If you are starting, you can choose either a digital ordering solution or an all-in-one POS system. If you decide to use Toast, you’ll get one system to run your entire business. With its online ordering service, it will give your guests a smooth experience.

Your customers can place a new order through your mobile app or website and. This is then sent directly to the kitchen, thus eliminating the likelihood of errors. The best part is that it does not charge any commissions.

You only need to pay a flat monthly rate. Your guest can also place orders and track deliveries in real-time.

More so, with the Toast POS promo code, you can get various discounts from different online stores. With up to 50% discounts in some outlets, you’ll save a lot. Apart from Toast, several POS systems come with the best features. Here are some of them.

Talech POS

This is a strong retail POS with some of the best business and stock management tools. Although it’s a bit costly, it has some of the best features. One of the most significant features includes automatic cost tallying and tax factoring that allows you to have more time with your workers and customers.

It also has a strong inventory system that will let you know when the products are running low. With this system, you can upload the products and edit them in batches. Besides tracking customer visits and the items they’ve bought, it lets you manage your staff in shifts. Should you encounter any problem along the way, it will provide you with various support options.

Revel POS

Revel prides itself on having the best customer relationship management Tools. What sets it apart from other systems is that it has one monthly pricing plan. With this system, you can easily build databases of customer profiles that you can update regularly.

Unlike other systems, it also gives you an EMV compliant till and integrations with QuickBooks. It also has Revel Insights and a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to analyze sales in real-time. Alongside removing void items, you can set up discounts costing 99 per month; per terminal, and it only provides one pricing plan.

Lightspeed POS

As a leading provider of POS services, Lightspeed provides POS solutions for retail and restaurant businesses. Coming with an impressive set of features, you can choose from different pricing plans.

It recently acquired ShopKeep that allows you to see goods online. Since it offers tiered POS plans, its features range from basic to advance. You can easily see online and retail store inventory and manage your products with inventory management tools. You can also use its customer relationship management features to manage your clients.

With Lightspeed’s reporting capabilities, tracking customer trends, inventory and sales become very easy. Coming with up to 60 different built-in reports, you can create customized dashboards. If you have any questions, you can contact their representative by phone, webchat, or email.

Erply POS

This is one of the few providers that offer dedicated tools. Providing features that you may not find in some places if you have lots of small franchises, Erply is the best option. It provides you with the ability to centralize key business bits such as CRM tools, inventory, and sensitive HR information.

As compared to most of its rivals, it has odd pricing structures. This means you get two user accounts, basic reporting, integrated payment, and email customer support. It’s, therefore, worth considering.

Final Word

The best POS system is Toast POS. Besides its brilliant features, it’s quite affordable. You’ll also be able to enjoy several promo codes.

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