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Why SEO & Machine Learning are Joining Forces?

The volumes of data are rising at a rate that is likely to grow four times from where it is today in a mere 5 years.

Running an analysis of this data and putting it to good use is not going to be possible even if all available human resources in the field of marketing are put to work.

What is needed is a real-time processing and hence it is important to start working towards the integration of marketing data with machine learning and this is where the best SEO agency in India should also be heading.

Search Engines and Machine Learning

Google has been using machine learning to understand the relevance of words – how they are used in different contexts and how they relate to each other.

It essentially helps Google to make meaningful sense of the query and search from the relevant answers from the huge database of websites.

It is only with the help of machine learning that it has been possible to improve on that understanding with every new query.

With the help of machine learning, the accuracy of matching the queries to the answers improves.

Association of SEO and Data Science

The SEO industry is large and comprises of people working in different positions to facilitate a smooth process.

These include content creators, strategy planners for digital marketing, web developers, analysis experts, people in the advisory capacity and much more.

With the growing volumes of data, it is important that all these people understand what the data collected through all the efforts indicates.

It is important to be able to read the language of the data than just collecting it. This makes the role of a data scientist in SEO very important.

An SEO company that has a team of data scientists has an edge over the others. Knowledge of machine learning is important to excel in this role as well.

The Role of SEO Companies

To keep up with the advanced algorithms of machine learning, an SEO company in Noida, Gurgaon or elsewhere also needs to keep up.

They must focus on the creation of good, relevant and optimised content. Such content stands a good chance to be recognised by the algorithm as a relevant response to the query. 

The following enhancements will also be seen in their regular processes through the integration of machine learning.

Using Large Scale Data

Making sense of the volumes of data and deriving actionable insights from it can be the USP of an SEO company, but that is possible only with machine learning.

The larger the volumes of data used, the more accurate is the output you get. This improves the value of the agency for its clients.

Get Ahead of the Game

There is no scope for waiting time in the search business. You cannot wait and watch to see how the tide will turn.

There is constant action and you need immediate and continuously updated results to provide real-time feedback and take appropriate action.

This too can be achieved through machine learning. It can further be utilised to optimise the content for individual requirements.

Better Performance Where You Already Specialise

By learning how to use machine learning in your field of work, you can improve the results. It could be the paid search, content creation, link building or even technical SEO and many other aspects of SEO that can be made more efficient and productive.

This gives you a great opportunity to exhibit your skills to impress your clients and employers alike.

Scope for Growth

The scope of the analysis that can be achieved through machine learning is vast. You can use large masses of data to get insights and the learning is much more than ever expected through manual analysis of small-scale data. How you use this information decides your scope of growth.

It Is Not the Whole and Sole

While there is a lot that machine learning can do, it cannot replace intelligence, the thought processes, and the creativity of the human mind. It also does not have the ability to make decisions for further action.

For this, we need hard-working, intelligent, and creative marketers and SEO professionals which provide SEO services based on result-driven approach and experience. Machine learning cannot take over the roles of data scientists, creative analysts, content producers, the sales and support teams, the strategists and many more who are highly valuable to the SEO industry.

We are talking about integrating machine learning with SEO and it will certainly be highly beneficial in giving better services to the clients.

Machine learning is nothing until it is backed by human intelligence, emotions, understanding and decision-making skills.

It is effective only because there are humans working backstage to make it a star. Successful integration can change the way the best SEO companies conduct their business and the clients will reap the benefits.


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