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3 Handy Parental Control Apps For Children’s Gadgets

Nowadays, the issue of Internet security is very important, because almost all spheres of life are connected to the global network. And when it comes to our children, this issue becomes especially acute, because modern children are very active in using all sorts of gadgets, spend a lot of time on social networks, web surfing and online games, but because of his tender age, the child simply can not fully assess the risks associated with online. So it is not surprising that parental control apps are becoming increasingly popular, because who can take care of a child better than his parents? Especially when they are helped by special software.

There are many programs designed for parental control of children’s gadgets. Some of them are more functional and some less so. There are both paid and free versions of programs. To make it easier for you to find an option that will best meet all your requirements, we have selected for our today’s article 3 convenient options for programs to control your child’s smartphone. Try a few different options and you are sure to decide which software is best for you and your child.

1. Google Family Link

One of the simplest, most convenient and reliable parental control applications is Google’s Family Link program. With the Family Link program, which the creators position as a functional family application, parents can get detailed information about the use of the gadget by their child.

For example, you can use it to control which programs a small smartphone owner uses, how much time they spend in them and how often they run them. With this, you can monitor available history of search queries, track the location of the gadget, set limits on the time the child uses the device. Also, the application for parental control Google Family Link allows you to block selected applications, prohibit the purchase, download and installation of new apps.

The program is free and has a very wide range of functionality. Works stably, determines the location of controlled gadgets quite accurately.

2. Kaspersky SafeKids for parental control and GPS tracking

Another interesting application for providing parental control over children’s smartphones is the Parental Control and GPS software: Kaspersky SafeKids. The program is available in both paid and free versions. The functionality of both versions, of course, is different.

For example, in the free version of the program you can control web surfing on a child’s gadget – block unwanted content and potentially dangerous sites, set restrictions on the use of certain programs and control the duration of the child’s use of the device. There is a function to block inappropriate video content on YouTube.

But in the paid version there are many more interesting features. Premium subscription holders can make a schedule, indicating in it exactly when and for how long the child can use the gadget. You can track the child’s location with GPS and receive notifications if they leave the permitted area, such as the yard, playground, school. The program also collects and organizes information about all the online habits of the child in a very detailed report.

3. FamilyTime – the complete parental solution

And finally, let’s talk about another interesting application for parental control – the program FamilyTime. With this program, adults can remotely monitor what is happening on children’s devices, quickly lock the gadget in case of unwanted time activity, set daily limits on the use of applications and specify the time allowed for games and entertainment for each day.

The option of selectively blocking applications and denying access to age-inappropriate content is available. In addition, if necessary, parents can view the correspondence on the child’s gadget, for example, to make sure that the child does not receive text messages with threats or “divorces” from fraudsters.

Through the FamilyTime parental control app, you can track the child’s location in real time and see the speed of its movement. Sending messages when changing the geolocation is supported. Also, the child can literally press one button to notify parents about their current location, for example, to pick them up after class from the point where they are.

Another useful feature for parents in the children’s version of the FamilyTime application provides an alarm button that instantly sends to the connected device a request for help and accurate information about where exactly the child is at this time.

The app does offer a trial version where you can use all premium features of FamilyTime for complete 3 days. The trial version helps parents decide about the purchase. To get the trial version, hiy the links given below:    

When choosing a parental control program to protect your child’s tablet or phone, carefully review all the available features of your chosen program. If the developers provide free trial access to the premium features of the program, then before buying be sure to take advantage of this offer and thoroughly test the program on their devices – make sure that the program is convenient and works correctly on the gadgets of your family members. You should also check if the program completely blocks the children’s gadget, or if the child can find a way to turn it off manually to bypass the parental lock and use your gadget without restrictions.

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