Can I Watch Hulu In South Africa?

Hulu platform forms part of the excellent entertainment sites used by US residents. Here, you will access all the latest American shows and content to enjoy. However, the Hulu site isn’t available to all nations around the globe. South African residents for instance find it hard to access Hulu content since the country is among the restricted regions.

Can I watch Hulu in South Africa? Yes, even though South Africa is a restricted region, residents still can access Hulu through a VPN. However, only a powerful and legit VPN can unblock the site for users to enjoy the latest shows. Let’s read on and find out how to approach such restrictions by the Hulu site.

Can I Watch Hulu in South Africa?

Hulu isn’t a new thing to most of us and we know the form of entertainment shows they provide. Like other platforms out there, there are regions restricted to accessing Hulu. Actually, it’s only in the USA you can freely stream the latest American shows through Hulu. But still, here there are people outside the USA who still stream the shows.

How do they manage to watch Hulu in South Africa? Like can someone in South Africa watch American shows through Hulu? Right, you can still access the latest American shows via Hulu from South Africa. So, if you plan to travel there, don’t worry, you can still continue enjoying the Hulu shows. 

This is where the VPNs get in to provide us help to access the site wherever we are. South African residents can employ a VPN to enjoy Hulu services. VPNs usually help to bypass all restrictions on sites for people to access content from any part.

Why Hulu Isn’t Available in South Africa

Before getting into the steps of accessing Hulu through a VPN, we must understand why they have the restriction. Currently, the people of the USA are the only free streamers of Hulu content. People outside America, South Africa included can’t access content from this platform.

If you are in South Africa and try accessing the service, an error will pop up to prevent you from continuing. Hulu restricted access to their platform to other countries for a few reasons. For one, copyright issues contributed greatly to the restriction. When they started, Hulu administrators took it slow to make the site strong before they could open for other countries.

Consequently, Hulu is not accessible in South Africa due to the licensing agreements. Hulu owners have restricted its content to get sufficient time to improve the licensing contract’s value with other countries. They also made the restriction to lower down the operation fees they would have paid doing business in other countries.

However, they have hinted at opening operations to other nations soon. What we don’t know is when this shall happen for people to start freeing streaming Hulu content from wherever they are. Meanwhile, people in South Africa can continue streaming services using a VPN.

Still, not all VPN versions in the market have the power to bypass Hulu restrictions. Few can unlock the services and others still struggle doing this even with the use of premium versions. Therefore, before you think about accessing the site, find a service provider that can work on unblocking the site. Otherwise, you might fall in with those that aren’t capable of getting away with the restrictions.

How to Use VPN to Watch Hulu in South Africa

Hulu lovers can now feel finest since they have a solution to a problem that seemed to lack an answer. They can now employ the VPN technology to watch shows while anywhere. Those in South Africa or visitors to that country still can enjoy their subscription as well. Below are defined steps of accessing Hulu from South Africa.

Find a VPN that has the power to bypass the Hulu restriction. You can find a lot of VPNs capable of doing so but the service they provide differ. Once you choose your favorite service to provide, sign up for a VPN account.

Next, you should download your favorite VPN app and complete the installation process.

Upon installation, several servers will align from which you select one to employ. Remember, this is an American thing and therefore you should choose an American VPN server.

Once you are there, you remain just accessing your Hulu account. Those lacking accounts still have room to create one for them. Simply access the Hulu website, and create your account to enjoy the service. Sit and select a show that you would like to enjoy.

Steps of Creating a Hulu Account from South Africa

Now, even though the steps of accessing the site are simple, opening an account from South Africa isn’t easy. Since this is an American thing, they only accept American payment. They immediately reject any foreign details into their database. However, there is a means for this, gift cards are the only alternatives we have.

Start by getting into the website to register for a Hulu gift card. Accomplishing this doesn’t necessarily require American details. Still, you can use either your PayPal or even a South African credit card. will send your card number in the email to use in the remaining steps. Once received, get into your US server to redeem your card on the Hulu site.

Thereafter, you will require a USA zip code to proceed. Here, find any working postal code, enter it and proceed. Finally, take a subscription and start streaming Hulu content.


Hulu is a modern-day entertainment platform that most people have turned to. It streams the latest American shows and content as well. However, Hulu is only a thing for USA residents. South Africa is among the restricted countries and people have no legibility of viewing Hulu content there.

But still, South Africans can watch these favorite shows using a VPN. Choose a reliable service provider, create an account and continue enjoying Hulu content. Incorporate my article information to get through the account creation process and everything you need to enjoy Hulu shows.

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