Can Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Rooms?

Robot vacuums are a godsend when it comes to domestic work. If you have long working hours, have to travel a lot or would simply like some extra time for yourself, you can just relax when it comes to cleaning your house and let your robot vacuum do its magic!

The point of using a robot vacuum is to have your house cleaned without your supervision. So whether or not it can clean multiple rooms is an important question. The answer is usually yes, and you can check for them here.

Most robot vacuums should be able to clean multiple rooms as long as you choose the correct kind for your home. Certain factors affect a robot vacuum’s ability to clean multiple rooms.


Robot vacuums are designed in such a way that when they are about to run out of charge, they go back to their charging base so that they can finish cleaning. This is very important to ensure that the robot vacuum is not lying around in some corner after shutting down.

When buying a robot vacuum, make sure its battery life is enough for the size of your house. If you have a big house with large rooms, it might be difficult for the robot vacuum to charge itself on time or it may need to charge far too many times for it to be able to finish cleaning.


The main feature to consider when making sure that your robot vacuum can clean multiple rooms is navigation. According to the price range, different robot vacuums will have different technologies that help them navigate.

Robot vacuums on the cheaper end of the spectrum usually have sensors that change their direction only when there’s a barrier to their movement. In large houses with large rooms, this might lead to the robot vacuum missing a lot of the floor area and not finding the doors.

Better robot vacuums have advanced technology that keeps mapping the area around them and even memorizes it as they work. This can help your robot vacuum understand your house’s layout and go to each and every room.

However, if your floor plan is complicated, it might make it difficult for your robot vacuum to understand the different rooms. For instance, if the same room has two doors from which it can enter, it might read it as two separate rooms and clean the same area twice.

If your house has multiple floors, then your robot vacuum will not be able to clean all the rooms as it will not be able to navigate through the stairs. In case of multiple floors, you can either have two robot vacuums or make sure to carry your robot vacuum and charger to the other floor when required.

Parting Thoughts

Robot vacuums can clean multiple rooms, though their efficiency depends on whether they are compatible with your house’s size and design. When letting your robot vacuum clean your entire home, don’t forget that it can go to areas you might not need or want to be cleaned as well.

Any kind of liquid could damage your robot vacuum, so make sure to keep your robot vacuum away from bathrooms and other spaces where there might be water. Robot vacuums also tend to get stuck entirely when encountered by certain hurdles such as wires.

Make sure to plan by putting other hurdles around these problematic areas, such as closing the door in front of a bathroom, putting a shoe in front of wires or setting up a virtual barrier.

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