File Search Tips: How to Use the Cloud

Did you know that 87% of companies that use cloud services experience business acceleration? If you are new to the cloud and are trying to figure out the best way to conduct a file search, you are in the right place. Finding files does not have to be confusing and overwhelming. 

Every big cloud storage provider has a tool to help you search through your files and folders instead of taking hours and hours trying to find files in the cloud. Keep reading to learn what the best method to search for files is depending on the cloud service. 

Google Drive

Thankfully Google has a great search function with its cloud storage platform. There is a large search box at the top of the web interface once you are logged into your Google Drive. You can type in the name of what you are looking for and the results will bring up all the files and documents with the search word you enter. 

When you begin to type you will start to see all of the relevant matches of whatever you are typing. You can click on any file that appears or hit Enter if you want to see a full list of all the search results. 


If you are using Microsoft cloud storage then Azure search will allow you to search for texts within images and documents. Keep in mind that Azure is a managed service and the main advantage of using and searching with Azure is that it can integrate with Azure Cognitive Services. 

You can check out AWS to Azure Comparison for more details on which might be a better option for your needs. 


On the top left corner of your OneDrive, there is a Search Everything box. Once you click the box you can type in whatever it is you are looking for and suggested matches will begin to appear. You have the option of clicking “See More Results” to see a full list or click on the matches as they pop up. 

With OneDrive you can also do wildcard searches with an asterisk, such as *.jpg or *.docx. This will look for those specific types of files instead of mixing both in your search results. 


If you use Apple products then searching in the iCloud is not too difficult. On macOS choose iCloud Drive from the navigation options on the left of the Finder or click View and then Show Sidebar. On the search box, in the top right-hand corner, you can type the file type or filename that you are looking for. 

Then you can choose between seeing the oldest or the newest files first by clicking “Date Last Opened.”

Feeling Like a File Search Pro?

We hope that now you are feeling more confident about conducting a file search no matter which cloud service you are using. Finding files should no longer be overwhelming with this guide handy. 

Did you find this article helpful? Please continue browsing the rest of this section to make sure you do not miss our latest helpful reads. 

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