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How To Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Facebook has become one of the leading social media platforms with more than 2.32 Billion monthly users. Businesses, individuals, celebrities and politicians, all are using Facebook for multiple purposes. There are a lot of businesses that have experienced a rapid growth of their business with the help of Facebook and on the other hand there are some people who have become successful influencers and celebrities via Facebook.

It is a vast platform where multiple users can see your profile and become your profiles. Did you ever think who viewed your Facebook profile? Anyone must be stalking your profile; it could be an employer, your ex, a potential friend, your relative or a nasty stalker. To check, who stalks you on Facebook, you can follow the ways which we are going to share via this blog. Follow the shared steps to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

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How to check who viewed my Facebook?

Method # 1 – Using Page Source

  • Go to your Facebook profile timeline.
  • Let your Facebook profile load completely and press the right-click button in your mouse.
  • Now multiple options will appear and you have to click on “View page Source”.
  • In the new tab, a page with the coding language will appear.
  • This Page Source will give you all the information regarding your profile.
  • Press (CTRL + F) to open the search box, and then search “InitialChatFriendsList” via the search box.
  • Various Facebook profile number will appear and these are the Facebook IDs of the people who visited your profile.
  • Copy those ID numbers and paste it after (If ID is 1234567, then use it like
  • The first ID number you see visits your profile the most.

Method # 2 – Using Chrome Extension

If you use your Facebook account on Chrome browser and want to check who viewed your Facebook profile then this method will definitely work. Follow the steps to use this method –

  • Visit the official website of the Social Profile extension page.
  • A blue coloured box with “Add To Chrome” option will be seen on the right side of page.
  • Click on the link and wait for it to get downloaded.
  • Now just click on “Add Extension” option.
  • Now visit and log into your account.
  • Now look at the timeline bar, you’ll see an option “Visitors” which will help you get notified who viewed my FB profile.

Method # 3 – Using a mobile app for Android

  • Download an app called “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile” from Google play store.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and login with your Facebook account details.
  • Now will start to see the list of people who visited your FB profile.

Method # 4 – Using a mobile app for iOS

If you are an iOS user and want to know who viewed your Facebook profile, then don’t worry, we have an amazing option for you. You can download an app called Social Fans available in iTunes Store and see who recently viewed your Facebook Profile.

They are really amazing and highly-effective methods to keep the check on people who visit your Facebook profile. Follow these methods and let us know if they work or not.


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