Tips On Doing The Konmari Method The Right Way

When you have a basic knowledge of everything to do with the Konmari Method and the KonMari checklist, let us just take another look at specific tips in which you can initiate practicing effectively. To effectively organize and tidy up your home, there are a few Marie Kondo strategies you’ll need to consider. Let us just head through!

Save Space By Folding

We have been used to hanging laundry, which is simple and takes little effort. You’re grabbing a hanger, then voila! That being said, Marie Kondo tips suggest that it’s easier to fold it anyway. Our clothes will be more arranged if they have been folded compared to hanging, per this Marie Kondo tip.

There’s also a folding strategy from another Marie Kondo idea whom she recommends that you should use to fold the clothes accurately. She also mentions that with all certain clothing pieces, it’s also nice to get a dresser-to to let them all go in one area, carefully stored away.

Declutter First

One such idea may sound like a no-brainer. Before drilling down thoroughly into the organizational process, Marie Kondo encourages tossing out/giving out whatever you don’t need. Moving stuff, but that’ll only give the illusion that stuff is organized.

And as such, you have to first foremost declutter your room to better start cleaning up. This practice includes cleaning out things and getting rid of all others, and perfecting effectiveness in doing such tasks. It will also prevent you from repeatedly doing the task as you only have a few things to maintain and manage.

Record Your Progress

A better way to chart your success and don’t get demotivated at a certain period within the cleaning up process is to pull pictures pre-and-post you organize. There are times when you tend to realize that you’re really not achieving any significant changes when tidying up your stuff. However, images before and after will see you through the distinction at a quick look.

Whether you’re arranging a CD storage box, for instance, you may take photos of this before you begin. Search up some tips for CD storage that would benefit you. Initiate using them one by one until you have your checklist of CD storage concepts. Through using ideas for CD storage, including taking pictures of your results, you would’ve been able to monitor the improvements quickly.

Love Your Closet

Get any recognition for yourself: simply gaze at the tidy wardrobe and enjoy the achievement you’ve created up to this point! If it goes to Marie Kondo-ing, satisfaction in taking good care of your things can encourage you to keep putting in the effort.

Respect Your Belongings

Marie Kondo suggests that you ought to say ‘thank you’ to any piece when you throw it all away. Demonstrate your love for the commodity that really has helped you over time. Thought of it as bidding farewell to a buddy. Know the pleasure provided to you by the thing, and afterward, let go.

Take The Tags Off Of New Items

The same ideas from Marie Kondo have always been about creating your own things and admiring them for the pleasure they offer. In addition, she believes that the personalization of the objects is relevant. Remember to take the tags off immediately once you purchase anything new. Consider making you own all the stuff.

Dedicate yourself to owning the product as well as embrace it immediately. The first and only way to begin holding that product is through discarding the price labels that come with it instantly. As a result, you will realize that now the item has become personalized, and then you will feel so much happiness right away.

Get Storage Containers After Cleaning Up

Both decluttering and arranging, there is a significant distinction. When you have cleaned up, you should only proceed to purchase bins and containers even further to set your things. Well, it’s much easier if you then use the boxes which you may have already.

The storage containers will help us better organize things. It will allow more room through using storage containers to classify and stack all your required items until after you have removed all the mess. It will also become easy to locate things this way.


Marie Kondo had become an inspiration to a lot of people. She taught us things that are very helpful in effectively getting over that clutter but more professional. The tips that she shares must be taken seriously and whole-heartedly to achieve the goal.

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