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Top 5 Roll Up Tonneau Covers for Your Truck

Referring to covers in the case of trucks is not something complicated; only the characteristics of the vehicle should be known. In this case, this type of wheel has much more demanding size and performance characteristics than a conventional rim.

This is because trucks are multipurpose cars, whose purpose includes activities such as carrying out freight, moving goods or storing goods of a different nature.

In addition, these cars often travel long distances, even between different countries. Likewise, they are subjected to high temperatures in the asphalt layer, as well as to intense climatic variations.

Tonneau covers can be among the best accessories for a pickup truck. They make the bed more practical for small items and long-term storage. You don’t have to worry about your possessions being in plain view of passersby or being exposed to the elements. If you are thinking that a roll up tonneau cover may be right for you, the following five are great options.

1) WeatherTech Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

This is a highly popular roll up cover. It has a low-profile, aerodynamic design that will help your truck get extra mileage. Additionally, it is very easy to operate. You can fully open or close the cover in a matter of seconds. There are custom-fit options for the most popular truck models.

If you are searching for “tonneau covers near me,” make sure you keep an eye out for this model. It is one of the best on the market. A tonneau truck cover encloses the bed of your truck. Because the covers are durable and waterproof, they protect just about anything you put inside. But problems arise when the tonneau truck cover gets ripped or otherwise damaged. Taking it to an upholsterer can cost you a lot. An alternative way to remedy a broken canvas truck cover would be to sew it yourself. With the right materials, it can be functional again.

2) TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover

This soft roll up from TruXedo has earned the trust of many truck drivers. It is made from a smooth, high-quality material. The cover is designed to offer easy access to the front of the bed. When needed, it can be rolled up and completely stored behind the cab. With strong side seals, this will keep the weather out all day and night.

The sleek design and easy installation make this a popular choice. Like many of the other options on this list, there are custom-sized variants for different trucks.

3) ACCESS TonnoSport Tonneau Cover

ACCESS is a popular brand for roll up tonneau covers. It is to soft roll up covers as BAK tonneau covers are to folding hard covers. The covers can be installed with a no-drill clamp system. It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish putting this in place. Once it is set up, the cover can be easily operated. It adds only about half-an-inch to the height of the bed. Plus, it is lockable. The cover opens to offer 100% bed access. A tarp cover is designed to cover the bed of a truck to protect cargo from moisture, spills, and theft. Compartment covers can be made from hard and soft materials and come in various lengths and styles. The basic concept of a tarp cover is that it is attached to the bed of a truck, either directly behind the cab or directly behind the tool box, and it extends all the way to the rear door, which completely covers the open cargo space.

4) ACCESS Limited Edition Roll-Up Soft Tonneau Cover

This is another option from ACCESS. It can be installed in a similar time and with a similar method. However, this is a limited-edition version. The dual-locking action at the tailgate is automatic. You can lock or release the tailgate and cover lock with a simple twist of a dial. This is a unique feature among roll-up covers. Overall, this is a great cover that offers a premium experience. Roll bars are typically mounted on the bed of a truck, directly behind the cab. Roll bars were originally designed to help improve overall stability and reduce damage to a vehicle in the event it is inadvertently rolled over during use. However, most of the roll bars currently in use, especially on large rugged trucks, such as the Ram, serve primarily cosmetic purposes. Roll bars are often equipped with additional lighting accessories for vehicles that regularly travel off-road.

5) Roll N Lock A-Series Tonneau Cover

This hard roll up cover has a retracting system. It rolls into a storage bin at the front of the bed, making it very convenient to open and close. Plus, it provides excellent security and protection from the elements. As the name suggests, it can be locked to offer extra security. This is another item that should be on your tonneau cover shopping list. You will have a hard time finding a roll bar that can be installed along with a tarp cover. These items are more or less installed in the same place, but they usually do not overlap well.

However, there are some companies that make compartment covers that can be modified to fit around the roll bar, even though you risk allowing the water in you to modify it. They are also modified roll-bar, canvas cover assemblies that feature a partial roll bar that attaches to the top of the canvas cover instead of the truck bed.

Order Your Tonneau Cover Today

Check out the above five roll up tonneau covers and more today. A truck bed cover is a very worthwhile investment. Order yours and see what a difference it can make.

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