Want An Amazing And Affordable Microphone Arm Stand For Gaming?

Market is full of a variety of microphones in the industry but if you want to go for the best, just consider Tonor Microphone as it assure you to meet all the expectations that once you wanted. Sounds unbelievable? Simply go through this blog to get complete details of the product. The Tonor USB Gaming Microphone arm stand is that product which actually rings of an intuitive and affordable experience.

Can’t wait anymore? It’s time for unboxing. 

As soon as you unbox Tonor microphone arm stand, you will be filled with breeze as the device fits in the little tripod that comes with the mic. It looks attractive and fully professional with the shock mount attachment. Go through the instruction manual for an easy step-by-step guide and set up Tonor gaming microphone arm stand . Just plug the microphone into your PC and start playing games. Have a quick look inside the box that reveal all the contents including the following components:

  • Boom arm*1
  • Desk clamp*1
  • Mic clip *1
  • 3/8″ to 5/8″ Adapter*1
  • Pop filter*1
  • Foam cover*1
  • Cable tie*4
  • Manual*1
  • After-sales card*1

No more worries. Just grab it now.

Major advantages of Tonor microphone arm stand for gaming purpose are as follows:

  1. The device comes with a pop filter.
  2. Integrated with an earphone hook.
  3. High quality performance.
  4. Outstanding bearing capacity.
  5. Based on Cardio id type of polar pattern.
  6. Totally comfortable with most microphones arm stand in the market.
  7. Very affordable and cheaper than other gaming products in the market.
  8. Upgraded Desk Clamp, so it is more stable than others.
  9. Perfect for all heavy mic.
  10. Very reliable and compatible.
  11. Best quality pre-packaged cord. 
  12. Audio quality is crisp. 
  13. Captures everything, loud and clear.
  14. Totally worth of money.

Major specifications of Tonor gaming microphone arm stand

1. Hassle free USB Setup: It works both with Windows and MacOS operating systems. Just plug it into the USB port and no need for any additional drives. It will not take your time as go for attaching it to your computer or laptop and begin your gaming adventure.

2. Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern: The device captures sound from all directions. As it comes with headphone jack, it allows to listen real-time recording for gaming and live broadcasting purposes

3. Extraordinary gaming style: Mute/Volume Adjustment/Light Switch all three-in-one hexagon button. Tonor gaming microphone arm stand comes with an adjustable neck to adjust its position for capturing the best quality audio. You can utilize the USB interface to transfer files and access other devices such as mouse.

4. Ultimate sound quality: Updated digital chip and condenser capsules of Tonor Microphone arm stand provide you to create a clear and pristine quality recording. The device is equipped with a thick anti-pop filter which discards noise interference. Do not wait, make a good choice for gaming with Tonor microphone arm stand .

5. Effective and reliable: Since the product is made up of reinforced plastic and metal, therefore it provides extra strength and durability.

6. Plug and Play: It is fully ideal for gaming, streaming, chatting, podcasting, recording, Skype, Voice-over, YouTube video, etc. The product comes with a USB data port that does not need any additional driver software, sound card or phantom power.

7. Cardioid Pickup Pattern: It captures clear, smooth and crisp sound and suppresses unwanted background noise. Undoubtedly, it is best suited to record one vocal sound. The device works well to capture ambient sounds from all directions in close proximity.

8. Easy installation: With Tonor Gaming Microphone Arm Stand , you simply need to unfold the three-legged stand directly and adjust the position of the pop filter. It is then ready for plug and play.

9. Versatility: Here, shock mount is unscrewed and attached to a boom stand with threaded insert directly.

10. What’s included in package? – Microphone Arm Stand with Power Cord, Foldable Mic Tripod, Shock Mount, Pop Filter, Manual and Service Card.

Have a memorable gaming experience with TONOR Microphone Arm Stand

If you a passionate game lover, you will never mind making an investment in gaming products. Do not worry, the device is worth its price and will not take your much time, you are ready to go in seconds without any hassle and fuss. Here, you are totally free to load up the software of your choice as it’ll work with whatever software you choose. Use it for any game you like. You will be happy to hear sound fully loud, clear and crispy. It comes with a professional grade mic which is ideal for communication and gaming. It promises you to gain maximum compatibility, flexibility and adjustable mic positioning. Also, you will get a convenient control chip and rotary volume control that features an in-line mute switch. I hope this information is enough for making a wise decision to Tonor Gaming Microphone Arm Stand. No more confusions now, I am pretty sure that this product is definitely worth your money! 


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