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With The Use Of NetBase Quid’s Expert Social Media Analysis, Businesses Of All Sizes Can Move Forward

In recent years, social media websites have become very popular with computer users around the world. While these sites provide great opportunities for people to communicate with each other, they can also provide lots of insights into the lifestyle habits of their users.

NetBase Quid Understands and Consistently Performs Expert Social Media Analysis

A process known as social media analytics is utilized by marketing companies and other businesses to keep track of, and analyze different types of data that is generated on social media networks.

One of America’s leading social media analysis companies is NetBase Quid, based in Santa Clara, California. This company was formed in early 2020, as the result of a merger between the NetBase social media analytics firm, and the Quid text analytics company.

Businesses Analysis in many different types of industries regularly utilize the services offered by NetBase Quid, to help them grow and gain a better understanding of consumers’ wants and needs.

Helping A Broad Spectrum of Industries To Move Forward

In the restaurant industry for example, the use of social media analysis can be used to identify consumer dining trends and menu preferences. The analysis can show which types of foods consumers are ordering most often, and if trends such as gluten-free, non-GMO, low-salt, slow cooking or vegan are influencing their menu choices.

If a restaurant is launching a new product, social media analysis can be used to determine the logistics involved, and the best time to announce the product. Real-time monitoring of conversations after the release of a product can help determine consumer reaction, and create more of a buzz about the product.

Gaining insights from social media can help to develop effective menu optimization, wherein restaurant owners can determine which of their menu items are the most popular and profitable.

Averting Crisis Situations

Social media can also be very useful when it comes to negative and/or crisis situations. People everywhere now post text, as well as photos and videos from their phones, and unpleasant restaurant experiences are sometimes posted.

When the NetBase Quid platform is used, negative online media coverage that could balloon into public relations disasters can be effectively managed. Alerts that notify when specific keywords and/or the restaurant brand and its products are used, can be put into place, and live reports with staff members can provide real-time coverage of a situation.

While some companies prefer to have a social media analysis of their own operation, it is now very common for companies to perfrorm a competitive social media analysis. A top-rate social media analytics company such as NetBase Quid would probably do so by identifying the competition, gathering relevant data, analyzing the competitor’s online activity and content, then utilizing the data.

A Wide Variety of Clients

As a forward-thinking consumer and market intelligence company, NetBase Quid helps major companies in more than 90 countries to learn more about their consumer base, and to better understand what their competitors are doing. Financial services, luxury, agency, travel and hospitality, and retail are just some of the industries where the services of NetBase Quid are applied.

Among the companies that are NetBase customers are Coca-Cola, Lloyd’s Bank, Credit Suisse, iHeart Media, Cuisinart and Arby’s.

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