How Do I Translate An Audio File?

The advent of technology has made a few things easier. Some years ago, it would have been complicated for people to move around from one country to another without the services of a translator. However, in more recent years, the services of a translator may not be needed as much on such journeys, especially as several apps now translate audio files on the go. Some of these apps have professional translators working on the back end and providing their services through the internet; others have been developed based on artificial intelligence to offer an accurate or a near-accurate translation of audio files.

Whether you are a traveller, a business person, or you are simply interested in converting an audio file into another language, there are two principal ways to get the job done. Read on to find out about your options.

Hire a Professional Translator

A great way to ensure that you are getting the best translation services is to hire a professional translator to get the job done. The ideal translator is familiar with your language and the language that is spoken in the audio file to be translated. Depending on what the content of the audio file is for, you may need to hire someone that has a native or near-native level understanding of both languages. Hiring a native speaker to translate the audio file ensures that they do not mix things up or erode the context or meaning of the message contained in the audio file. With audio translations, you also need to note cultural references, context as one language shifts to another, and more.

Hiring a professional translator offers you a wide array of advantages. First, the translator has a trained ear to pick information and translate them as appropriate. Secondly, you can save time and energy knowing that they will complete the translation process as fast as possible.

Use Translation Apps

If you cannot access a professional translator or don’t need instant translation services, you may rely on translation apps to get the job done. Translation apps are designed to make translating audio and text files faster and easier. However, the chances of errors are higher compared to hiring a professional human to handle the job. The chances of errors are increased when you wish to translate languages that involve context, nuances, expressions, and tones. These apps may be unable to identify contexts and other complexities associated with languages and may present you with translations that are different from what the speaker may have meant.

If you wish to explore the world of translation apps, below are some of the top recommendations for you;

iTranslate Voice 3

iTranslate Voice 3 has been developed to address a common problem for people who need the services of a professional translator but cannot afford one. Thanks to technological improvements, you can now rely on a translator who’s in your pocket all day long. With the iTranslate Voice 3, you never have to worry about downtime, well, except when your smartphone is running out of juice. The app comes with a lot of features, including voice-to-voice communication across as many as 42 languages. Browse through the supported languages and choose the origin and target languages for your translation needs.

Google Translate

This is about the most popular translation app on the internet. Google Translate offers users on all platforms, including web, iOS, and Android platforms, access to the app. The app supports as many as 103 languages. As many as 52 of those languages are available for offline use. Users can translate back and forth using those languages even in areas with no or poor data connections.

Users will also have access to a Word Lens feature that allows them to translate texts on surfaces using their camera. This feature works by capturing the texts on the surface, detecting the local language it is in, and converting it to the desired language that the user understands.


With this translation app, you can simply speak into your smartphone’s microphone and rely on the language detection and translation software to pick and translate to your desired language. This app is useful for travellers who need to translate words and instructions to move around new cities and places.

Translation services have improved over the years. However, it is important to note that hiring a professional translator offers many more advantages than relying on translation apps.

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